Neutronic’s Netflix Picks [comedy]

OK, so here’s an excellent way to culture yourself… LAUGH! One of the best ways to learn and understand about the complex lives of people from other cultures is through satire. Comedy is a very powerful art form and when presented correctly it can really help one understand some pretty dynamic truths about themselves as well as the world us. Its a good idea to have a diverse understanding of what people from different backgrounds find funny, as well as what they find NOT funny. The best comedians realize that they are cultural therapist and provide a balanced mix of “funny” with a cultural critique. No matter what your profession, if you deal with people it is a good idea to have some point of reference to a wide variety of cultures.

In my latest playlist, I have assembled 5 stand up comedy presentations that provide cultural context indicative of the complex make up of the Grand American Stage. I believe as a society we are approaching a very crucial time in which it is key that we learn to appreciate each other, work together, and learn to enjoy the rich cultural diversity of our country. It has been said that sometimes laughter is the best medicine and for and ailing America, maybe a well rounded dose of funny business is exactly what the Doctor ordered. Enjoy!

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