Newlyweds Choose Eddie V’s for Honeymoon Meal: Find Out Why!

By Tessie Painter

Dana and Terence Kennedy were wed Saturday night; and had their first honeymoon meal together at Eddie V’s on 7th Street in Fort Worth.  With lovely red rose petals on the table; and Dana still clad in her elegant white gown, the beaming couple sat across the broad table from each other.  Dana stated, “my gown requires room; so he has to wait over there,” with a smile on her face and signaling across the table at her radiating new spouse.

The elegantly earthy décor, with extensive feng-shui influence greeted me, as soft echoes of the live band in the bar invited me for a full evening of entertainment.  It was easy to see why a young couple may select Eddie V’s for their irreplaceable first newlywed dusk.   The ambiance blended well with the vibrations of love exuding from the Kennedy table, next to ours.

Knowing that I am a foodie, my date made this restaurant selection quite carefully.  The five-star service given by waiter, Mario, as well as the knowledgeable suggestions of their seasoned sommelier promised a memorable evening.   As someone who rarely finishes a glass of wine, the 2 ounce Moscato in the miniature wine glass was sweet and light perfection.  My companion savored his herbaceous, full bodied, Rodney Strong Cabernet.   The full, whole grain fresh bread supported the rosemary and thyme butter for a warm complement to the vino.   Nirvana!

The calamari arrived, atop dry rice noodles, and tossed in an al-dente cabbage, carrot and cashew base with a tangy ginger-soy glaze.  Seconds count! This dish was timed well as the deep fried squid rings were drizzled just before serving; so the crunchy, juicy and tangy sensations burst in my mouth at once!

Chilean Sea Bass, anyone?  Mine was steamed Hong Kong style, followed by a quick 30-60 second broil; and served over an al-dente shredded vegetable and nut blend with fresh made avocado ranch ; and topped with a fresh herb blend.  The steam/broil sequence left the fish both moist and flaky with a light outer texture without a hard crunch.  Every bite tickled my tongue as it melted in my mouth.  We shared an asparagus and hollandaise side.  (A small side serves 2 with some left over.)  The hollandaise was very light and creamy with a moderately rich flavor burst that matched the tender and firm, blanched and sautéed asparagus.   My escort enjoyed his Sea Bass smothered in tender, flakey crab meat, and drizzled with a rich garlic butter and herb sauce, toned by fresh lemon and framed with an asparagus fan.

Dessert?  Their selection is amazing.  Every dessert that passed by was inviting.  Are you familiar with the art of “the tasting?”  One of the first rules of Foodiedom is, “taste your breads and appetizers.  Eat your meal, only til no longer hungry.  Leave room for dessert.”  I failed!  I had no room.  I was forced to admit that the teaching that there is always room for dessert… that we all have a dessert stomach we can open for business, no matter how much we have eaten… is a myth!  Eddie V’s Prime Seafood was so enticing that I lost myself in my passion for each delectable morsel; and cheated myself and YOU out of  what promised to be an decadent dessert experience!  Don’t let this happen to you!  Save room!  Something chocolate walked by my table; and it was calling out to me!  I will return, sometime very soon…

We ended our Eddie V’s experience with a trip to the bar to hear the live music.  Guests, circled around the large ovalesque bar, were relaxing or dancing; and all were enjoying the amazing escape to the New Orleans sounds of the evening.