Nick Jonas (Hilton: @PLAY Series)

Nick Jonas. I’m pretty sure that if you say his name in a crowded area you might cause a small spurt of pandemonium among his fans before there’s even acknowledgement that he’s present. Well in this case, he actually was. Nick Jonas came back to his hometown Dallas for the Hilton: @PLAY concert series. The Hilton Anatole provided the perfect setting that deemed both luxurious and accomplished all while preparing to ease their special guests for this exclusive performance. DJ Frank Dux manned the pre-party/social hour prior to the concert, and he didn’t fail us once. He served as the perfect gateway to the concert that only Nick Jonas could provide. Fans and Hilton Honors members alike stood in anticipation as they indulged in the catering provided and the conversations among enthusiasts. Then the doors opened. Everyone filled in the standing area and anticipation was evident throughout the entire atmosphere. If you listened close enough you could hear the hyper ventilation of the die-hard fans that were still in shock that they would see him and in such an intimate performance. Nick Jonas arrived and was in rare form performing songs with energy, charisma, and great background dancers. He provided the party and the crowd provided the screams, which apparently weren’t in short supply. Nick Jonas swooned the crowd with ballads and lifted them to unruly levels with hit songs. He gave everyone in the crowd an unforgettable moment in time that we won’t ever forget and then he left us to wallow in our shock of him no longer being there. Then, in a perfect fashion, Nick Jonas arrived back on stage for an encore and a perfectly placed closing performance of his hit song: “Jealous”. The Hilton: @PLAY series started with a bang and ended with a bigger one but then again, a Nick Jonas concert is enough to make anyone jealous right?

– Tayvon

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