November Horoscope and Insights from Teal Gray

This is a power period for your career. You are more ambitious than usual, and energized about your goals. People recognize your efforts this month. Energies experienced now can serve as a real jumpstart. There can be realities to face when it comes to relationships, finances and emotions this month. November is a time to fix problem areas. It’s a super powerful month for kicking bad habits. Honesty goes a long way right now. You can take steps to use your increased imagination and compassion in positive, constructive ways. Also beginning mid-month, you develop a stronger taste for expressing yourself freely and spontaneously, and the last week of November cements this. This is a time for really branching out beyond your normal boundaries. Romance is featured, and it has a flavor of freedom and adventure. Areas of life that benefit the most include travel, education, romance, creativity, children, hobbies, publishing, and recreation. Some of you could become published or more widely known. There will be opportunities to expand and promote. Now you are more willing to take on a challenge, to reach out to others, and to invest in your belief in yourself.

November shifts your focus from personal concerns towards the needs of your relationships. Cooperating is key to overall happiness and success. Partnerships are tested this month, take mature action. Alliances will be strengthened, while relationships that have run their course will fall away. You start to see people and circumstances for what they are. A personal revelation can occur around the Full Moon on the 6th. Emotions that you’ve brushed aside now emerge. Some plans may be put on hold this month, pursuit of travel, education, and new beliefs and experiences can be aggressive. You are asserting yourself in healthy ways, and others tend to admire your confidence. Friendships seem to improve day by day from mid-November forward. You are learning to let go of expectations and judgment when it comes to friends, and this continues, but there can be a notable improvement in your interactions and attitude towards dealing with problem areas. The last week of the month brings a new focus on understanding your relationships on a deeper level, including the relationship you have with yourself! From November 22nd forward into December is one of the best periods of the year for self-improvement. Home life improves by leaps and bounds.

This month focus on health, fitness, and self-care habits. Become more structured in your work and daily routines. This will be key to fulfillment in your life. You realize that you are not using your talents to their full potential in what you are currently doing, and it might be time to consider a change. Power struggles are possible and if debt is out of control, you are willing to take action to make changes. Your social life begins to draw more of your attention, and people begin to seek you out. The last week of November begins a four week period that is one of your best all year for partnering and relating. It’s also good for learning, writing, and speaking. This is a strong time for learning new skills.

Focus on your creative and romantic life in November. Recreation, hobbies, artistic pursuits, and love/dating are areas of increased activity and scrutiny. Your social life is changing, and emotions surrounding love and friendship are strong, especially around the Full Moon on the 6th. Feelings about people who have been critical or disapproving can emerge with force. If you’ve been working hard on a creative project or seeking out more stability in your love relationships, this can be a good month to make things happen, monetize a hobby, bring more structure to your leisure time, or discuss problem areas with a special person in your life. The need to be stricter with yourself and others can become obvious, and you have all the tools available to tidy things up. You’re more likely to actively create your life than to simply let others make decisions for you. All month, Mars transits your sector of partnerships, and at its best, someone could motivate you to be more courageous, to do things you’ve wanted to do, and to believe in yourself. A close relationship can move forward. The last week of November brings new energy for work and health and good conditions for business and money matters.

There is a strong focus on your home and family life this month. Old family problems and personal matters might weigh heavily on you at times. A career matter can emerge around the 6th. Recently, you have been experiencing confusion about boundaries with others – what you own, what others own, what you owe, and what others owe – as well as with your own personal limits. You’re turning a corner regarding these matters this month. While there are yet quite a few details to sort out, you’ll be clearer on what you have and what you need. Procrastination on finances and dependencies is nearing an end. If it’s possible to set your own pace when it comes to work, do so, as you’re not in the best frame of mind to work under others’ direction happily and you’ll want to take advantage of increased self-motivation to get things done. This can also be a good time for fitness, as long as you “listen” to your body and its signals so that you don’t push its limits. The need for change in the areas of work, health, or service can emerge powerfully on the 10-12, and while tension can run high, it can push you to new heights. You decide to eliminate habits in your routine that are counter-productive in order to focus on those that serve your greater goals. Watch for power struggles with others. From the 16th, the expression of affection is easy and natural, and your personal appeal is boosted. The last week of November can bring a feeling of rejuvenation and spirited energy into your life. The Sun, your ruler, is now in mutual reception with Jupiter, which is in your sign, and this brings added strength to your life for the coming weeks. This is one of the most creative and expressive periods of the year, and the most romantic.

The recent Solar Eclipse has brought you to make changes in how and what you communicate. This month, there are many things to do, and a generally quick pace. Your sign is known to be detail-oriented, but this month you can be so busy that it’s easy to miss important information. You may face the reality of certain projects and interests, or courses of study, coming to an end. This could involve taking a hard look at your daily activities and deciding what might be bringing you down or preventing you from growing and devoting time to new, more stimulating activities. Mars is in harmony with your sign all month, and this helps to keep energy levels strong. It also gives you a real sense that you are capable of taking on challenges. Mars is encouraging you to take some creative risks, and to believe that what you have something unique to contribute to the world. Relationships with children can be especially active, and sometimes on the tense side. Romantic relationships intensify to your benefit. At times in recent months, you have felt at the mercy of the whims and moods of an important person in your life. With Neptune turning direct mid-month, you are ready to face truths and turn the situation around making you feel more comfortable. The last week of November brings a big energy shift towards home and family matters, and to your private life. Real comfort can be found with people you love. You can be happily introspective during this period.

November is a good month for taking care of business and devoting time to finances. You may need to get serious about money. A wake-up call, of sorts, that pushes you to make important changes, avoid snap decisions, even if you’re feeling a lot of pressure. Slow and steady wins the race in November. Delays or apparent slowdowns are possible. Recently you have had a feeling of being overwhelmed by your daily routines, work, or health, and feeling at a loss as to how to catch up. With Neptune turning direct this month, you get insight into how to straighten at least some things out. As you do, you’ll find that your overall mood changes significantly. Getting a handle on your work, health, and daily routines will help clear your mind and free you from guilt. There can be much activity on the home front and/or with family this month. Try not to dwell on the past. Working on making your home environment operate smoothly is a priority now. Relationships require more communication and daily attention from mid-month. The last week of November brings a real shift of energy. This is a busier, more sociable and connected time, and also a rather fortunate period for friendships, communications, and group connections. Networking is especially important now.

This is your month! You are especially magnetic when it comes to sharing ideas, reaching out, and communicating. Close partnerships can be emotionally charged, particularly around the 6th. The pace is quick when it comes to learning environments, communications, and daily life. It can certainly be hectic at times, but you’re up for the challenge. Particularly around the 9-11, you are motivated when it comes to learning, sharing your ideas, and putting effort into mental pursuits. Watch for a tendency to react too quickly when firing back an email or text, or making a quick judgment. You can be fired up over what is communicated to you this month, and especially around the 12th. Try to respond to frustrations with more deliberation and from a place of calm (hard to do this month, admittedly). From mid-month, improvements, more clarity, warmth, fantasy, and positivity can be experienced in your romantic world, general manner, self-expression, creative and artistic pursuits, relationships with children, and dating or recreational life. Your voice is strong most of November. This can be a good thing in that you feel heard and have influence, but it also means you have more impact and the words you use can be remembered for a long time. There can be a fresh start involving money, finances, business, and career in the last week of November. New energy is with you now for creating success and ambition increases, but don’t jump into the first project you see. You should definitely embrace your increased faith, but make sure you’re grounded as well. Events and epiphanies around the 12, 17-18, and 25th can certainly involve reality checks.

You could be dealing with a lot behind the scenes challenges you’ve chosen to keep under wraps. Events can be such that you seek and get closure on various matters. From mid-month forward, you begin to experience more feelings of freedom and lightness. There can be a stronger, and increasing, feeling of growth and faith in yourself as well as your support system. All month, there can be good opportunities for applying yourself to business and practical affairs. It’s a good idea to avoid impulsiveness with your money. You could feel reason to defend yourself, your values, and the respect you deserve. There can be several good opportunities for increasing your income this month, most notably around the 10-12 and 17-18, but again, it’s important to avoid risky and impulsive moves. There can be a focus on more self-reliance when it comes to money. Finances can also be a hot topic and there can be some volatility involved. The last week of November can feel very much like a personal new beginning, and this continues into December. Travel, publishing, educational, promotional, and legal matters can play a role in this. While you’re likely to receive a lot of positive attention from mid-month forward, you feel at your most effective from the 22nd forward.

There could be issues with friends, associates, or group associations that involve life lessons. From mid-month, you’ll begin to see communications improve (there is more clarity in terms of what you want to convey), and faith returning regarding certain projects, learning endeavors, and mental pursuits and interests. You are learning to let go of judgment when picking up information and exchanging ideas, and in the process, you’re coming to very important insights and realizations. You trust your hunches and increased imagination. All month, you’re especially self-motivated with energetic Mars in your sign. You need to practice self-control, as you can easily feel bored or impatient. This is a wonderful time to pursue goals that have been put aside. Some self-centeredness is good for you at this time. Personal needs can seem pressing, and desires strong. Conflicts with others may occur and are likely when Mars is challenged, such as on the 10-12, but these may motivate you to become more self-reliant, and this can be something you need at this time in your life. The last week of November is good for financials, intimate matters, and overall faith in your own judgment. It’s an important time for getting some time for yourself.

There can be some slowdowns occurring in your professional life, but you can get back on track and organized. While things may not be moving forward very quickly, you gain important ground by gaining respect from people you work for and with or developing new skills that will benefit you in the future. From mid-month forward, your financial picture improves. You’re gaining more faith in your own talents and seeing potential benefits and resources in places you hadn’t previously acknowledged. As the month progresses, you become increasingly interested in fulfilling goals. Your energy levels may not be at their best, as you require more time for rest and contemplation. You might also be dealing with a reshuffling of your priorities, desires, or projects, and this can be a temporary drain on your levels of motivation. Working on your own at your own pace would be ideal, if you can manage it. Mars will enter your sign on December 4th, when you will feel more outwardly effective, assertive, and decisive. The last week of November is strong for social affairs, both romantic and business partnerships, negotiations and agreements, and community or group involvement. There is a new beginning of sorts with a friend, and you could be broadening your horizons through networking and meeting interesting people. Existing relationships can be rejuvenated, and you might renew your interest in “old” enjoyable activities, and pastimes.

There is activity in your sector of beliefs, adventure, and ideals this month, and you are encouraged to bring more of the world into your personal life. You enjoy new interests and thinking about your plans in a big-picture way. There can be moments of feeling quite scattered, but Saturn weaves in and out of the picture this month, reminding you of your limits. This is a good time for work on structuring your leisure time. Take every opportunity you can to learn new skills or develop your current ones. There could be strong focus on training, learning, and connecting. If there are weaknesses in a campaign or your current level of skill, then this is a time for handling problem areas. For some of you, there could be issues with a parent’s daily affairs that require more responsibility on your part. The first half of the month can be good for attracting positive feedback and feeling especially liked and reinforced. You are more likely to make happy connections through activities that take you outside of the routine or onto unfamiliar ground. From mid-month forward, you feel increasingly more confident about your personality, contribution, appearance, and manner. Personal goals seem more doable. You’re coming back into your own, reaching out to others more often, but also feeling self-sufficient. There may be difficulties with a friend or group stimulated around the 10-12, but gains coming through your connections as well. Motivation and enthusiasm are stimulated to begin new goals. The last week of November brings a breath of fresh air to your career, professional interests, or life direction. There may be some form of recognition for your accomplishments or work, and incentives, benefits, or awards can figure strongly.