October Horoscope

Libra September 23-October 22
As Mercury enters Libra on October 7, your social life kicks into high gear. You might just meet someone
special through an invitation you get, making your love life a lot more interesting. The Full Moon on
October 15 could find you kissing a new or rekindled love under the stars. You’re fun and carefree for a
change this month, deciding to leave the stress behind you. Love and money go together for you at the
October 30 New Moon. A new way of looking at a talent you have or a train of thought, lead you to a
lucrative hobby or service you can provide.

Scorpio October 23-November 21
You keep a cool head and firm grip on your emotions as the Moon conjoins Mars and then Pluto on
October 8. The Full Moon on October 15 has you full of daydreams and future plans for travel. Maybe
make a plan with a friend to go on a winter adventure. The New Moon on October 30 starts your time of
putting you first for a change. This greatly improves your life. You feel free of worry and burdens are
lighter now.

Sagittarius November 22-December 21
This is a power month for you. The spotlight turned on and you were in the exact right spot to shine.
Your Social life ignites with the October 15 Full Moon. You could get invitations from an unlikely or
surprising organization or group. Start saying yes for a while. Your mind is filled with new ideas and
plans around the October 30 New Moon. Start letting people into your inner world and heart more now.
It’s time for you to break through old programming and start fresh.

Capricorn December 22-January 21
Don’t let small upsets get you down this month. They are easily resolved if you don’t give them too
much attention. Be prepared and don’t get knocked off balance. The Full Moon on October 15 could
bring you a financial windfall at work, or a promotion. You are getting noticed for all your hard work,
and it feels great! the New Moon on October 30 heats up your love life and brings new opportunities to
socialize. Parties will vary from formal or just plain fun. Relax and just be yourself to shine.

Aquarius January 22-February 18
The Moon/Uranus trine on October 6 is packed with opportunities for you. Get out there and meet as
many new people as you can, as well as catching up with old friends. By October 15 Full Moon you are
ready for anything, and can’t wait to show off a little. Keep you circle of friends near you as you move
through the holiday coming up, they are your anchor. The October 30 New Moon sets you up to be the
shining star at work for the next few weeks. Step up, speak up, and dazzle with your success rate. You’ve
got this!

Pisces February 19-March 20
Between the Moon/Venus conjunction and Moon/Neptune trine on October 3 and the October 15 Full
Moon, you will be a roller coaster of emotions. Just tackle things one task at a time. Make things as
stress free as possible at work and home. Don’t take on anything extra to worry about. You’ve got this.
The October 30 New Moon brings new opportunities, financial gain and new friends. You love life get a
boost and you are loving this month by the end.

Aries March 21-April 19
October 6 you start to realize you don’t always need to be on the defensive.
By doing so you put people on edge, and create a negative scenario that was not there to
begin with. Romance heats up around the October 15 Full Moon. Reign in your need to control them, or
you will chase away someone who is not only brilliant but loving. The October 30 New Moon has you
putting out fires at home and work. You manage everything with a smooth air of confidence.

Taurus April 20-May 20
As the Moon conjoins Venus this month, you are ready to take the next step in a relationship or
strengthen the one your in. If you see eye to eye with a special someone now, it could be for keeps. The
October 15 Full Moon is invigorating! Feel healthier, more energetic, and more interested in small but
constructive tasks. Water the plants, groom the pet, wash the car – whatever makes you happy. The
October 30 New Moon brings you romance in a big way. If you’re secretly looking for a more daring,
adventurous relationship, it could be here. You’ll both be smart about it, and if doesn’t last forever,
you’ll both understand

Gemini May 21-June 20
High culture and fine arts are more appealing on October 7 as Mercury enters Libra. The October 15 Full
Moon brings massive fun and games your way. Even if you spend the time alone, you’ll find ways to be
joyful, creative, and thrilled. A friend or two might drop in unexpectedly for a visit, too. Be a
powerhouse of efficiency starting with the October 30 New Moon. Tend to several loose ends at home
and feel virtuous. However, don’t imagine changes that don’t need to be made. If something works, pat
it on the head and move on to the next thing.

Cancer June 21-July 20
The Venus/Neptune trine in Water Signs has you finally believing in yourself, and making long held
dreams a reality. You put in the effort and it is being rewarded by the Universe. The October 15 Full
Moon is the perfect time to get everyone you care about together and celebrate just because. By the
October 30 New Moon, you might hit a wall of low energy, but you are dancing again in no time! Spend
more time outdoors and reconnect with nature.

Leo July 21-August 22
Now through the October 15 Full Moon, family is your number one priority. You surround yourself with
friends and loved ones as you prepare for the holiday season ahead. You don’t have to travel or spend a
lot of money to have fun. Create a new weekly game night, or book club. The October 30 New Moon will
have you fluffing up your nest, decorating and cleaning. You will feel ready to tackle anything having
your house in order. Your heart is full of love and the have the right person to share it with.

Virgo August 23-September 22
As Mercury enters Libra on October 7, you are ready to mix and mingle. Surround yourself with friends.
The October 15 Full Moon brings even more financial security into your life. Friends and family mean
more to you than ever, around the October 30 New Moon. You have worked hard all year, and now it’s
time to relax a little and enjoy life. The simple pleasures are what you crave the most now. Spend time
decorating for the holiday and remembering what’s really important. You are on the right path and you