Ones to watch: Mammoth Indigo

The live music scene in Dallas is constantly evolving and a good sign of that are the awesome shows passing through DFW now you can see huge festivals at Gexa and headliners at Verizon and the American Airlines Center  you’ll get a great show but probably have to drop a car note on a set of tickets.Next time you’re in the mood the music make sure to explore Deep Ellum and stop by the Boiler Room like we did September 25th. We had the pleasure of meeting the guys of Mammoth Indigo. This band based out of Virginia  put on a great show with with an almost hypnotic stage presence, there songs use a mixture of guitar and drum heavy tracks and fantastic vocals to really pull you in. The best way I could describe there music; particularly in songs like Rapture is “Anthemic” the sounds fill the room and are completely infectious Check out this band so you can say you heard them first.

Check them out

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