Pennie Painter Interviews Lorelei Linklater at Austin Film Festival

Donuts anyone?  No, this VooDoo Donuts lover is not a police officer!  Mexican born, Austin native; and daughter of Hollywood film director, Richard Linklater, Lorelei Linklater wears many artistic hats. Actress and Artist are 2 of the many talents and titles that Lorelei Linklater has earned and enjoys.  Many people know Lorelei for her role as Samantha, in “Boyhood”; where we watched her grow up on screen over 12 years.  Others may know her as Katie in “We the Coyotes”; or one of her many other roles:  see IMBD.

Lorelei is on a roll; with 2 movies released in 2018; and another 3 releasing in 2019, her prominence as an actress is building.  In her upcoming release, “Bomb City”, Lorelei plays the lead, as Rome.  She refers to this as her favorite roll, so far.  That says a lot, as she was both vulnerable and compelling in her roll as Samantha, in Boyhood, the 12 year-long production.

That is not enough to keep this renaissance woman satisfied. Lorelei is an amazing artist. She does modern, abstract and realistic art. She is working on several “to-be-announced” art projects; and will give us the details in a couple of months with a follow-up interview.  That will be on our schedule!

While she loves the big screen; and the art, when she has wiggle room in her schedule, she adds other artistic ventures, such as music videos and helping friends with their creative projects

Lorelei Linklater is a bright and shining star, rising higher into the stratosphere.  Get out your binoculars; and keep an eye on Lorelei!

By Pennie Painter and Tessie Painter

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