Pennie Painter Wows the Crowd at Greg Ellis Christmas Show


Pennie PaInter sings “Let It Snow”

By Tessie Painter

Rising star, Pennie Painter, brought the crowd to their feet, Saturday night at the Greg Ellis Christmas Show in Addison, Texas. Watch the attached YouTube video to see her rendition of “Let It Snow”. Pennie brings new magic to an old favorite. Even the teens were loving her. At the end of the show, Pennie was called up for an encore of her to-be-released single. No coverage is available of that song, as it is under wraps until February.

Retired Dallas Cowboys and Oakland Raiders star, Greg Ellis, hosted the Christmas special for youth and families. Greg sees music and entertainment as a way young people can express their talents; and other young people can be motivated to work to reach their own goals. When young people see their peers performing well, it makes them want to excel, also.

Greg Ellis enjoyed Pennie’s performance; and he also enjoyed the young, fresh performance of The Baby Phazz Crew; as did I. The teen group developed by producer/director/designer, Victor Clark, started as a place to funnel the talents and energy of his son, Bryce. At 13, Bryce is a skilled producer and rapper, leading the group to success with his diametric calm/high energy performance. The young 14-year-old lead singer, Da’Raja has a great voice and style; and captivates the audience with her dry humored fun on stage. She has an elegant look that adds to her promising future. With Chrome on drums; John and Jaylon on guitars; and Diamond singing and writing; this young teen group puts on a captivating and entertaining performance! You have to catch them.

Warming them up, was Tristan Blaine, who showed off his powerful dancing skills while performing his Bieber meets Jessee McCartney styled show.

The evening was one full of young talent sprinkled with holiday cheer! And to all a good night!

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