Please explain how Demarcus Ware was a penalty cap casualty? Priorities.

How can a player who was named the NFC Defensive Player of the Year just a few years ago, and be considered by the team’s General Manager as cornerstone of not only a defense, but an organization be cut?


This player has also been to seven Pro Bowls, and compiled 117 sacks in nine seasons, which is your franchise record. He is one of only two players in the history of the NFL to record two seasons with 19 or more sacks. And you cut him?


His organization GENYOUth, is a non profit organization that is committed to collaborating with students, schools, communities, business partners and thought leaders to identify solutions that improve nutrition and fighting obesity.   He married in 2005, and you probably didn’t know it, because he hasn’t done anything to put him to the spotlight, but play football – and to play well.


I could go on, and on about why the Dallas Cowboys shouldn’t have cut future Hall of Fame linebacker/defensive end Demarcus Ware today, but at the end of the day it’s simple: He wasn’t a priority.


Money or Injuries?   Yeah, you can say that it was because of Ware’s multiple restructures, which led to a $12.25 million base salary, and a $16 million cap hit for the 2014 season. (not his fault) You can say that it was Ware’s career-low six sacks. Even with six sacks, he still managed to finish third on the team in the category in 2013. Let me remind you that this was also the worst statistical defense in the history of the NFL.


I understand that injuries were the theme for Ware in 2013. He tallied up four sacks in the first three games of the regular season, becoming the team’s all-time sacks leader in the process. Then suffered injury, after injury, and added just two more sacks for the remainder of the 2013 season. Last season was the first time in Ware’s career, that he did not play in all 16 regular season games.



That just tells me that there was no interior presence from the Cowboys defensive line, and it was a lot easier to double team the 11th overall pick from 2005, that had a 19.5 sack season just three years ago. It doesn’t tell me that he was under any requirement to take a pay cut. Did he not earn that contract?


NOTE:From 2006-2012, the Dallas Cowboys had at least three defensive tackles register at least one sack during the regular season. Last year was the first year since Ware has been on the team that this didn’t happen. Only one tackle besides Hatcher earned a sack in 2013.



I also understand that players like Jason Hatcher, and Anthony Spencer had great seasons, but you can not afford to keep them either.  Hopefully none of these players will have to play against the Cowboys in 2014.   Talent like that has no business playing for a mediocre team, which was not able to make any of them a priority. By releasing Ware, a shoo-in Ring of Honor inductee, the team saves $7.4 million in cap space.


And a major portion of its fanbase.


Soon we will know if it was worth it. I highly doubt it, but I suppose that being in a better position to ensure that the Cowboys don’t make this mistake again, with couple of players that they surely can not afford to lose next year is a good thing, right?


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