Plush Nightclub Review

Plush Nightclub

Being in Dallas for 6 years now, Plush has been a staple in the “socialite society”. It’s among the few

clubs in Dallas that have stood the test of time (Beamers in another one…but that’s another article).

As this club is located on Main ST. (one of downtown’s busiest streets), valet is definitely the way to go!

The valet staff is both prompt and professional! My type of guys!!!

This club lives up to the name “Plush”! The eccentric disco fusion ambiance is only enhanced by the

spacious, plush luxury seating! I must say that the bottle service is very reasonable for those that may

not be accustomed to the downtown nightlife, and more importantly, it’s extremely organized! Those of

you that have ever stood outside for 45 minutes waiting for your section to get “ready” know what I

mean! We went straight in without delay, how VIP should be! After we reached the section, it was pure

partying!!!! What a night!

With 4 levels of partying you can’t go wrong. They play everything from Techno to Hip Hop so there’s

something for everyone. The bottom level (not pictured here) is primarily hip-hop and R & B. Levels 2 &

3 are a Top 40/Techno-Electronica mix. It appears that Plush has been an icon in Dallas nightlife for a long time, and there’s a reason! I must say that I enjoyed myself and I will be going back! If you are a true socialite, you owe it to your nightlife experience to be here!

-Lyonell Lee “Lee”