Pop Group The Fooo Conspiracy rocks the House of Blues!

Every generation has their band of heart throbs whose music inspires and turns teenage girls into screaming maniacs. Your parents probably pinned after the Beatles or the Jackson 5, maybe your big sister wrote love letters to boyz 2 men or New Kid’s on the Block or if you’re like me you spent many a passing period embroiled in a heated N’sync vs Backstreet boys debate only to mourn their breakup and move on to B2K, whatever you’re genimageeration you know Americans love pop music especially when it comes from singing boys from across the ocean, now that one directions has gone in several directions pop lovers can open their hearts up to the next big thing ; The stars of Fooo Conspiracy! Fooo Conspiracy is a new pop group out of Sweeden comprised of trained dancers turned singers Oscar Enested, Olly Molander, Omar Rudberg and Felix Sandman. What sets this boy band apart is their already huge fan base and who no doubt are hooked on the group’s one of a kind performance style, while most groups can dance very few choreograph themselves and incorporate parkour moves into a show! You will flip when you see this!(pun intended). Foo Conspiracy member Felix Sandman described their style as high energy and says the groups clever name is an acronym for their names. Sandman went on to say that their music tho one of a kind is influenced by everything from Ed Sheeran to the Jackson 5 to Rihanna and describes their style as pop with an Edge. Fooo Conspiracy has already been featured in Teen Vogue, US Weekly and Pop crush and has toured with household names like Justin Beiber, One Direction and The Vamps.

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And check out the website here http://www.thefoo.com