Poptarts Pop-Up Demi Lovato in Dallas

By Jewels

Wow wow wow! Can you say, “perfect?” This concert was like a movie! And who better to make all of that happen than Demi Lovato and Ryan Beatty? Ryan Beatty, Demi’s opening act, started off with a few of his lovely songs, went on to cover Drake’s ” Hold On, We’re Going Home” and Lorde’s “Royals”; then finished with a couple of his soulful slow beat tunes. Believe me when i say, this kid is talented! You know, he kind of reminds me of a male version of the late “Amy Winehouse”. Ryan brings a sort of jazzy and raspy sound to the table, while it still sounds soft. This hunky 18 year-old is really gonna be big!
After his earth shaking performance, Demi Lovato came on to stage. without any introduction from the star herself, she went on to sing her hit single “heart attack”. Her voice was energetic and angelic, while still roaring through the crowd. She then went on to sing the rest of her songs from her album. With some, she played the guitar herself. this proficient young star really knows how to put on a show. After completely giving me chills, Demi had a chat with the crowd and said she was super excited to be in her home town and went on to say “this is my favorite city, but i cant actually say that because the other cities will get mad.” See? We do have something to be proud of!
After the show, about to think that we were just going home to finis,h the already magnificent night, we actually ran into “Collins Key”, finalist on “Americas got Talent”. he was there with Poptart and actually, he and his dad were great company; and just lovely people, In fact, he indeed, uses the same management as Demi Lovato.
To finish this painting off, i really think this was the greatest concert that i’ve been to. This was one of many that Poptart is popping up all over the country. Happy 50th Birthday Poptart. May you always make delicious breakfast!

Tessie Take
Twitter @TessiePainter