Pumpkin Nights – the Interactive Halloween Experience in Dallas: Oct 10 -Nov 3, 2019

DALLAS (Oct. 9, 2019)– Pumpkin Nights is launching an interactive Halloween experience and festival unlike anything else in Dallas/Fort Worth this October. Plan your own adventure at Howell Farms and get transported into the enchanted world of Pumpkin Nights with dazzling, multi-sensory Halloween displays and seven Pumpkin Lands created with more than 3,000 artistically hand-carved real and synthetic pumpkins. The outdoor, magical Halloween experience will be rolling into town for 24 days—opening on Thursday, Oct. 10 through Sunday, Nov. 3.

“The fall season isn’t complete without Pumpkin Nights, the magical festival where all can create lasting memories with family, friends or an unforgettable date with plenty of photo ops that will say more than 1,000 words,” said Marielle Croudo, CMP, product manager and experience designer of Pumpkin Nights. “We’re excited to launch our enchanted Pumpkin Lands in Dallas/Fort Worth this year. Guests discover the story of the lands through the quest, then can stay for a fire show, outdoor movie, food and drinks and much more, making Pumpkin Nights the ideal family or date night.”

Each Pumpkin Land has a festive spirit and a land guardian that will guide “Heroes” or guests through a magical quest of enchanting lands as they discover and preserve the spirit of Halloween. Heroes will start their journey by walking through the Pumpkin Passage, a pumpkin tunnel with 600 hand carved jack-o-lanterns before embarking on their quest to discover seven immersive Pumpkin Lands. Heroes won’t be able to miss “Jack-O-Lynn, a 9-foot-tall pumpkin, where they can get an iconic photo opp.

Each land is made up of hand-carved real and synthetic pumpkins created by master pumpkin artists. More about each Pumpkin Land is below:

Forbidden Pumpkin City
—the spirit of passion embodies a 40-foot Dragon made of pumpkins, who helps guests discover and share their passions. The land is filled with magical pumpkin Chinese lanterns and a reflective pond with pumpkin turtles.

Monster Mash—the spirit of play comes to life in The Monster Mash. Kids and kids-at-heart are encouraged to teeter totter, hula hoop, play corn hole or pumpkin bowl! This interactive land will ignite Heroes’ imaginations with plenty of activities to take part in.

Great Pumpkin Hall— the spirit of light shines within the hall and within the Heroes. Wander through the Great Pumpkin Hall full of owl pumpkins and pumpkin spice scented fog, you might even see a real live owl.

Maravilla Lane— the spirit of family is honored in Maravilla Lane, a land representing Día de los Muertos. The land is filled with sugar skulls and flowers and guests can leave special tributes to loved ones near the ofrenda! 

Pumpkin Pirate Cove— the spirit of adventure is within the Guardian Pirates as they guide Heroes through the tropical island and feast their eyes on The Pumpkin Pirate Ship, where Heroes dig for treasure in the shadows of pumpkin palm trees.

Pumpkin Reef—the spirit of exploration floats along the current as the giant Pumpkin Octopus watches over the reef. The UV black light underwater pumpkin wonderland is filled with bubbles, sea creatures, coral and jelly fish!

Enchanted Pumpkin Forest– this Pumpkin Land is home to the spirit of imagination. The Pumpkin Gnomes watch over the forest as the seasons change around the Pumpkin Gnome Village. Within the Enchanted Pumpkin Forest, Heroes will come across the Enchanted Wishing Well, where they can send a special wish down the well!

Pumpkin Central – a magical festival filled with Halloween excitement. Heroes will find plenty of things to do for the rest of the evening, including watching live pumpkin artists, eating at one of the many food vendors, watching a live fire show or movie screening, playing in a bounce house and more!

Tickets must be purchased ahead of time; the event is closed on Halloween. Kids three and under are free, littles (4-12) are $16, seniors (60+) are $18, and general admission is $20. Family Packs (two general admission and two littles tickets) are available for $65. Weekday Night Owl Specials are available Monday through Thursday from 8 p.m. to close. To purchase tickets or for more information, visit www.PumpkinNights.com.