Travis $cott and Young Thug: Rodeo Tour

I laid awake at night last week and I couldn’t help but be depressed. I had every flash back from when Travis $cott and Young Thug came to Dallas with a few special friends but a very special show. The title of the tour is almost too appropriate: Rodeo. This “Rodeo” had cowboys of the Dallas variety and the bulls you saw were of the Chicago basketball team merchandise but it didn’t skip on the electricity that only a rodeo can provide. Curated by Metro Boomin (extremely popular producer hailing from Atlanta), the show took a very energetic pace and did not let go. While displaying many of the hits in Metro Boomin’s production catalog, the DJ mixed in some very appropriate songs from Dallas native artists as well as songs from popular opinion. Needless to say, the stage was set and it was a very powerful display at this point. The burst of fire that cohesively is referred to as “La Flame”, Travis $cott, picks up and takes the energy level to a night height. The crowd erupted, the floors vibrated, the walls might have even made a noise in excitement but all in all, we knew Travis $cott was there. The lights, the background effects, the charisma, and the performer all took center stage and allowed us all to understand what was to come from “The Rodeo”. Then before you know it, Young Thug breaks onto the scene and we get a completely different aura from the stage, but not a different energy. These two artists sharing the same stage has brought a new meaning to a “power duo” and they expend every bit of their power to leave us with expending every bit of our energy just to keep up. “The Rodeo” is picking up pace. After a while, it felt as if we were at a wrestling match due to the excitement and showmanship that was displayed but not one time did the crowd or Travis $cott and Young Thug slow down. Keep raging, keep up. At one point when we felt as if we were going to get a break without being exhausted, Houston, TX rap legend Trae The Truth comes out and the energy goes to a new level. “The Rodeo” is starting to rear a different face. This face isn’t one of despair, or even one of fatigue. This face is one of “What else are you going to throw at us!?” and “We’re ready!”. Travis $cott and Young Thug perform some of their collaborative songs to elevate the pace even to another level before allowing the rap rising star, Post Malone, come out and give us more reasons to thank every minute of being at this concert at this very minute. “The Rodeo” is now out of control but in complete control. The energy never slows down and the show ends on one of the most popular songs that Travis $cott and Young Thug possess: “Skyfall”. This show has now brought us up to a new level and slowly lets us understand that we were a part of an experience, not a concert. I can say this with pride, and two scars: “I Survived The Rodeo” and I loved every minute of it. Now, if anyone has a treatment in mind that will help me overcome my “Rodeo” withdrawals, get in contact with me as soon as humanly possible!

– Tayvon

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