September Horoscopes and Insights with Teal Gray

Astrologically we have all had a tough year, with multiple retrogrades, solar flares and planets on the move. Things begin to ease up and move forward in a positive way for some with a conjunction between Jupiter and Venus. There could be some shake ups this month for others due to Pluto and Saturn combining. Then, Pluto hops over to shake it up with Jupiter, to help smooth out the chaos it started earlier hanging out with Saturn. Is that all? No! The last half of the month could be a nerve rattler with Saturn now mixing it up with Uranus. Uranus makes a quick move to be with Jupiter and that creates impulsive actions on our part to watch out for this month.

Now, with all that going on it is the time to freshen up your style for fall without busting your budget. Don’t rule out the vintage or thrift store for budget friendly finds. They are filled with brand new clothes and the tags still on. You can find items donated from stores to closet clutter binges. Even the dollar stores carry scarves, some clothing items, even makeup and hair color. Different Zodiac signs have different tastes when it comes to their style. Let’s see what lights you up this September.

Step 1- Color
Get out of your comfort zone, add a pop of color to your wardrobe, face, hair, and nails.

Step 2- Hair
You don’t have to make a permanent change. Try a wash out color on your hair to see if you like it or mix it up with a wig or extensions. Can’t decide? Cover it up with a stylish hat. Or pull it up or back with bedazzled clips or pins.

Step 3- Accessories
For me, a scarf never fails to add individuality or style to anything I’m wearing. It can dress an outfit up or add character to jeans and a
t-shirt. The options to add accessories is endless so try more than one this month.

Virgo  August 23/September 22/Earth Sign/The Virgin/Lucky Days: 9,14,22

You continue to excel in your career. Even so, you long for something more in your life.
By the middle of the month there could be circumstances with your family or friends
beyond your control or your good council. Old friends are allowed to fall away as you surround
yourself with ones that align more with your core values now. You may feel like you are spending
more money out this month than you bring in. The third week can bring conflict in personal
relationships. Your health and energy levels are very good this month.
In fact, you have an excess of energy that may interfere with your sleep pattern.
UP Your Game: You work hard to successfully balance your relationships and career. You look
flawless this month in green, white, and patterns of grey and tones of yellow/orange. While you
don’t like to stand out too often, shock everyone and yourself with sleek, sexy, silky fabric finds.
With your practical nature you already know the budget hot spots to shop.

Libra  September 23/October 22/Air Sign –/The Scales/Lucky Days: 16,21,29

You need to guard against excess this month with every positive option and opportunity offered to
you. The ability to manifest prosperity is at your disposal. Create the life you want, and move
forward with great success. One warning, with so many options available, do not act impulsively.
You want to choose carefully to ensure your future security and happiness.
UP Your Game: Deep blues and greens reflect the useful bits of wisdom you have gained from
recent experiences. You are all about the positivity now, letting go of negativity and the people and
things that no longer serve your highest good. Try a mix of vintage style with something very
modern. You can pull it off!

Scorpio  October/23/November 21/Water Sign/The Scorpion/Lucky Days: 9,11,22

There may be a change in career on the horizon. Keep your mind open to a second flow of income as
a possibility as well. Put off buying any real estate this month, or any big purchases. Try to be more
patient amid circumstance beyond your control. Things lighten up by next month. You may have the
opportunity to travel soon. You will find a new investment possibility after mid-month that could be
very successful in the future.
UP Your Game: Earthy tones of brown and yellow are perfect for your current spiritual awakening.
You don’t like to waste time shopping store to store, so makes use of store flyers to help you decide
on key pieces to add to your wardrobe. Look out for trunk sales and sample sales.

Sagittarius  November 22/December 21 Fire Sign/The Archer/Lucky Days: 3,13,17

You are surrounded by friends, family, and new admirers. You get some long overdue
recognition in your career. Finances will improve at the end of the month, but you my be
frustrated with some unexpected expenses early on. You are in the public more than usual, but that is
what you have been working toward. Even with all the good things going on in your life, there are
still frustrations and feelings of being held back due to the actions of others that cause consequences
for your bottom line. An amazing opportunity for a change for the better comes soon.
UP Your Game: It is time for you to bring in positivity and growth into your life. Do it wearing
white, cream, and orange. Try bold prints that travel well. You might have an adventure coming up.
Use jewelry or jackets to dress up your casual style. Be ready to go from day to night events with
simple accessory changes. Pick pieces that mean something to you or remind you of future goals in
their style types.

Capricorn   December 22/January 19/ Earth Sign/The Goat/Lucky Days: 2,10,20

Your career takes center stage, and you are well rewarded for it. Your recognition and rewards start
to stack up. You are able to use this new influence to help others by mentoring them or
sponsorships for different causes. The spotlight may be uncomfortable at first, but you soon warm to
all the positive attention. While your focus this month is on career, your home life is still pleasant.
UP Your Game: Black will absorb the life essence around you so wear it with a positive attitude and
intent. It will help ground you, and channel your ambitions to succeed. You are drawn to
sophisticated looks and the price tags that come with them. You might surprise yourself with some
high-end pieces from the resale, thrift or even Vintage shops.

Aquarius  January 20/February 18/ Air Sign/The Water Bearer/Lucky Days: 8,17,24

You are not interested in the opinion of others this month. You feel they have had more than enough
input recently. This period calls for you to be even more patient, as your plans are delayed and some
fall through all together. The reason for this is to make you slow down and create a life you truly
want instead of jumping from one situation to another without thinking through the consequences.
The end of the month sees great improvement in your finances and future plans. There was
value in the waiting period after all.
UP Your Game: Tap into the essence of your water sign by wearing shades of blue, and even deep
tones of greyish blue. Like the flow of water, you mingle in crowds and charm them all. You are a
true original in your style, try something really modern or edgy. Vintage shops are your goldmine
this month.

Pisces  February 19/March 20/Water Sign/The Fishes/Lucky Days:11,21,23

Partnerships are in the forefront of your sign this month. While things are going well and improving
even further, don’t overspend, put back at least a portion of your earnings for a future purchase that
otherwise could surprise you. You are blessed with a deepening relationship, but conflicting
emotions could arise due to the interactions with the planets this month. If you are newly
cohabitating make a special effort to ignore things that irritate you. There are more important matters
ahead, as the end of the month has you clearly deciding where you want to be, and who with.
UP Your Game: Sea greens are calling for you to shimmer your way to financial successes this
month. Go with the flow in sheer styles with subtle prints. If you usually were constricting clothes,
go for a more relaxed fit, French cuffs, or layers.

Aries   March 21/April 20/Fire Sign/The Ram/Lucky Days: 1,4,10

Your month is focused on creating more funds for purchases to your home sector. When you are not
making money, you are thinking about it. This month will have it’s pleasant times, as your close
relationships are experiencing a boost in contentment and fruition of plans made. As the month
progresses you make new plans for the future that focus on greater freedom with the ones you love.
You may get some news that could change your life for the better, but also alter the life you are
living now.
UP Your Game: You are confident in the bold red of your fire sign. Especially a deep scarlet color.
These colors block negativity and absorb the positive flow of energies around you, and gain success
for you in the areas of health, and wealth. You will not stray far from your cool, easy style, and that’s
okay because it serves you well. Just try one trendy piece purchase for me this month.

Taurus  April 21/May 21/Earth Sign/The Bull/Lucky Days: 3,5,18

This month finds you going inward and wanting more solitude. While this is good for you in a way,
don’t be harsh with those still wanting to be close to you. After some time to gather your thoughts,
you gain a good balance and more patience in your relationships and work life, which is needed as
there can be some difficult circumstances this month otherwise.
UP Your Game: Wearing white and green helps bring balance to your strong mindset. You are very
focused on creating positive outcomes in your home life and career. These colors look great on you
while you enjoy the success. You are a bit too stubborn to get too far out of your comfort zone. Try
to add one bold piece to your wardrobe this month. You may just be inspired by all the compliments
to do it all again next month.

Gemini  May 21/June 21/Air Sign/The Twins/ Lucky

Like some of the other signs, the planets interactions with each other have you hyper focused on
your home life and being very protective of it from outside influences and opinions. You will want
your loved ones opinions when making decisions this month, as your are possibly overly emotional
from a big change in a relationship or friendship that has you upset. All these changes bring greater
insight and freedom to be more who you really are without worrying what people think of you. Don’t
act impulsively when opportunities come at month’s end giving you opportunity to have an upgrade
in your career and a greater public impact. You options are many, choose carefully for the greatest
future happiness.
UP Your Game: the colors yellow, orange, and green lift your spirits as you tend to overthink your
health and finance this month. You love to vintage shop already, so look for some basic solid colors
to add to your already out of sight array of colors in your closet. You have never shied away from a
bold choice of print to wear.

Cancer  June 22/July 22/Water Sign/The Crab/Lucky
Days: 3,6,22

This month centers around home life for you. You are in the mood to change your view and may go
beyond re-decorating to a full on move of residence! As long as you are not overextending yourself
financially, a move or some changes in scenery is a positive aspect for your sign this month. You
love going new places and meeting new people this month, and you are on many social calendars
moving forward. If you are having a tough time deciding on life changes, hold out for the clarity that
comes at months end. Enjoy the moment and don’t put so much pressure on yourself.
UP Your Game: You are creating your world from the inside out now. You meditate and visualize
your success and put it into action steps. The flow of consciousness in you is reflected best wearing
silver and blue mixes. Be you naturally bold self in a look that stops traffic. A powerful print shirt or
dress will do the trick.

Leo  July 23/August 22/Fire Sign/The Lion/Lucky
Days: 5,9,17

Your social life would be hard pressed to get any busier, but you love it this way. You might take a
day here or there to stay in and rest but that’s not your everyday style. You see things more clearly
by the months end, but the beginning has a lot weighing on your mind. People and circumstances
frustrate you, preventing you from the forward momentum you were experiencing earlier in the year.
You are certainly putting in the hard work, and while it does pay off in the future, you are finding the
current circumstances uncomfortable at best. An unexpected opportunity later thus month can have a
profound effect on your life and some big decisions are on the horizon.
UP Your Game: Use shades of the colors yellow, gold and red to balance your Charkas, and bring
positive energy into your aura and personal space. Creative, loving Leo’s are always fashion
forward. Remix some looks already in your closet. Adding a tie, scarf or funky jewelry makes an

I hope you try something new this month. I am!

Teal Gray