Shark Bar & Grill Thursdays Recap

Have you been looking for a fun, upscale place to go after work? Chef Tre Wilcox (Top Chef Contestant), The Men of Business and Plano’s Shark Bar & Grill understand. Together they have created what they call “The Best Happy Hour in DFW.” Their goal is to create exciting refreshment, fun, relaxation, and recuperation from your busy work schedule every Thursday.

How do they do it? To begin, Shark Bar & Grill is an upscale venue that moonlights as one of the areas premiere club and party experience. Inside the two story venue there are two bars, a banquet room, four dining rooms, dancing space, and a stage. Shark Bar & Grill also has two attached outdoor patios. One look at the insignia encased in the indoor waterfall above the stage suggests nothing less than exquisite memories.

From the first hour (5:00 PM) till the last (2:00 AM), two of the area’s top disk jockeys, DJ Phife and DJ Q, spin all the right tunes at the right times. The soundtrack to the experience is presented through a state-of-the-art sound system that evenly spreads sonic melodies during the early hours, and thumps hard hitting bass during the later hours. In addition to the audio sensations, Chef Tre Wilcox and the appealing personable service staff deliver flavorful, delectable, happy hour themed treats at very affordable prices.

This past Thursday the early action was both inspiring and informational as “The King of Swing Out” Jerry Palmer came in to teach and enjoy the fine art of swing-out dancing. Veterans and new-comers to the dance floor both danced the afternoon away until the sun set. As the lights began to glow accentuating the deep underwater oceanic murals, DJ Phife slowly transitioned from smooth R&B to early hip-hop cuts. During the following three hours DJ Phife tag-teamed musical entertainment duties with Paul Cannon and the Band. The spirit of swing-out remained on the dance floor as the live band covered Soul, Hip-Hop and R&B hits.

After Paul Cannon and the Band finished playing, DJ Phife finished his set and passed the baton to the closer DJ of the night, DJ Q. From the final couple hours of the night till the early hours of the new day, rhythmic melodies and beat patterns from the entire genres of Rap and Hip-Hop pulsated throughout the venue. DJ Q culminated his set with an encouragingly tasty arrangement of current top 40s hits. So, if you find yourself fighting five o’clock traffic, frustrated from Thursday work blues, or just looking for a great way to release stress and enjoy entertainment and refreshments direct your path to Shark Bar & Grill’s Thursday Happy Hour.


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