SIKWITIT: A glimpse into the life of a rising star (FULL VIDEO)

Written by: Alicia Burden

“Instagram, Facebook and Twitter magnify what’s going on in your life. The truth of the matter is it’s a lot of hard work.” – SIKWITIT


There comes a time in one’s life that a life changing situation arises. It could be something as simple as an opportunity to showcase your passion, the very thing that you’ve worked on, dreamed about and here it is right in front of you, something that you can say this is why I’ve sacrificed. SIKWITIT a young producer out of Dallas, TX is on the road to success. Winning beat battles after beat battles SIWITIT sits down and discusses what life was like before he became the producer he is today. In the city he calls home he touched on the topic of what many see as a sellout move. Moving out of Dallas to a bigger city to “make it” in this industry, SIKWITIT voices his opinion and assures us that though other artists move to Los Angeles, Atlanta or New York to gain more exposure , he just travels and in his case Dallas is home and home is where the heart is. You can’t do nothing but respect this young producer, trusting his instincts at an early age and now involved in a movement that will unify the producers and artists and put Dallas on the forefront of being the city that sews the divided lines from the underground to mainstream together, it’s only a matter of time before the whole nation will take notice. The iStandard showcase is a showcase that invites 40 producers across the United States to battle against one another in one of the biggest competitions in our country. The winner walks away with the opportunity to work with a top artist and other musicians in the industry and a sponsorship with Monster. With the iStandard showcase around the corner SIKWITIT gives us a glimpse into his life and invites us to join him on his journey to success.

Click below to watch the full length interview. You can follow him on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter: @iamsikwitit