Skip the Election: New Republic Studios Names Actress, Mindy Raymond President!

Hail to the Chief, Madam President Mindy Raymond!  John Robison, Chairman and CEO,  names Mindy Raymond the President of New Republic Studios, Austin.   Mindy started at the studio as the Director of Marketing and Development, only a little over a year ago.  Her performance was so stellar that John put her in charge of the entire empire!

New Republic Studios is the largest studio in Texas; nestled next to the Colorado River on more than 200 acres and growing.  (You’ll here more about New Republic in articles to come.)

Mindy Raymond is a beautiful, fashionable, strong and powerful woman!  In addition to her duties at New Republic Studios, Mindy serves as the spokesperson for the non-profit Texas Motion Picture Association.  She spent years as an actress; and has parlayed her love of the industry and her business acumen into an executive position at the largest studio in Texas; and arguably one of the most beautiful and expansive studios in the country.  Way to go, Madam President!

By Pennie Painter and Tessie Painter

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