Snoop Lion live at the House of Blues February 12th

Snoop is coming to Dallas Thursday February 13th! The award winning rapper and cultural fixture of everything dope ( in all senses of the word) will be performing at The House of Blues. The show was recently announced and ticket sales start at 10 am Tuesday. The rapper who’s recent genre and name change made headlines, is sure to put on a entertaining show, the mastermind behind 90’s rap classics such as “Gin and Juice and the 2000’s super hit “Drop it like it’s Hot”. Besides making the transition from hip-hop to mellow- esque Reggae music. Snoop is  infamous for making the transition from gangster rapper to  house hold name  and inventing a language ( admit it you used to say fo shizzle) , Hosting a short lived but hilarious comedy show aptly titled “Doggie Fizzle Televizzle” family friendly  but don’t expect a sesame st style performance this concert is one of the few stops he will be making so these seats are worth it! Not that you will be sitting down very much! You can purchase tickets at  Live

Tickets are available through Live Nation here