Sponsors and New Republic Studios Make-It-Happen at Austin Film Festival

Have you ever hosted an event?  I mean any event… even a holiday party at your home; or a baby shower; or bachelor or bachelorette party… Think of the number of tiny details that go into pulling together one of those events and multiply the cost and number of details by 100!!!  Maybe your friends “sponsor” your parties by bringing a bottle of wine or an appetizer.  For a major event at the Austin Film Festival, New Republic Studios needed friends to “sponsor” by bringing much more.
Lets start with food and beverage, my favorite!  Holy Kombucha supplied the party with over 200 bottles of the tastiest kombucha on the planet.  Holy Kombucha miraculously eliminated that bitter edge that plagues traditional kombucha drinks.  Taste it!  You’ll see.
High Brew supplied cans of their famous cold-brew coffee, with very little sugar, and twice the caffeine.  High Brew boasts its natural energy drink, packing more energy than popular energy drinks.  Seriously, a famous lawsuit of a few years ago ruled that coffee provides more energy than the subject energy drink.  High Brew doubles that.  I love the name: HIGH” brew.  They know what they’re saying!
Explore Bastrop County provided large packages of Oak Smoked Black Pepper from Bastrop County‘s famous Southside Market BBQ, a Texas BBQ Legend.  ExploreBastropCounty.com is a tourism site to attact people to “Explore” Bastrop County; and in the process they do an amazing job of promoting their local businesses.  Within Bastrop County is the town of Bastrop, home of New Republic Studios.  While Explore Bastrop County encourages having a blast throughout the county, “Visit Bastrop” wants you to visit the Town of Bastrop, which you definitely want to do!
New Republic Studios, located in Bastrop, Texas, provides an incredible facility with everything imaginable to make a commercial, movie, television show, video, and so much more.  If it weren’t for their sponsor, Cinelease, New Republic would be in-the-dark, literally!  Cinelease provides lighting for cinematography.  If you have never thought about the importance of lighting photography or film, try taking a selfie in a dark room with your lighting off.   High quality requires the best lighting.  That is Cinelease! For the event, Cinelease provided high quality t-shirts and ball caps.
Did I mention the importance of lighting for live performances?  Austin Playhouse knows!  Some of the greatest works of film started in books and stage performances. Austin Playhouse is a professional theater in its 18th season, “nourishing your mind, delighting your spirit, and enriching your soul.”  Check out AustinPlayhouse.com to see their upcoming performances!
So much is happening with New Republic Studios, Austin Playhouse, Bastrop County and the Town of Bastrop Austin Woman Magazine covers and supports the women of Austin who make things happen.  It is the only women-centric publication of its kind; and is available in digital and hardcopy!
By Pennie Painter and Tessie Painter
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