Exclusive Steven Knight interview for Locke



Written and Interviewed by: Jackson Young


The film Locke is centered on Ivan Locke, played by Tom Hardy. It tells a story of a construction manager dealing with issues that go from bad to worse. When things begin going down a slippery slope, Locke doesn’t think for a second that he can’t fix the situation. He does everything he thinks is right to contain the wildfire that is his life. This film deals directly with pride, family, and work as he struggles to prioritize the three. Is he a failure or heroic? That is the question left for the audience to decide.


This film is very captivating for it to be as unique as it is. This film is filled with superb acting on and off screen and great cinematography. It gives the audience room for their imagination to come into play. The suspense keeps the audience on edge as we anticipate the worst. Overall I give this film a 7.6 out of 10.


Unlike many of his other films, the audience gets to see Tom Hardy portray an average citizen with real life issues. I had a chance to sit and speak with director Steven Knight and he answered the question of why Tom, and also some other questions that viewers may have about this non conventional film.


I also asked writer Steven Knight why is he transitioning into directing. He replied that it is because when he writes a screenplay he has a vision for it, and he wants to see if he can get it to translate on the silver screen.  That it isn’t to see if he can make it better or worse, but to see if he can do it right. He also gives high praise to the directors that have brought his previous writings to life.



(Video interview may contain spoilers)