Summer Horoscopes By Teal Gray

Between the heat of summer and the flames of attraction you are burning up through the end of August. You are a love magnet. Old loves, new loves, everybody is attracted to you. This doesn’t hurt your career either. You get that boost of self- confidence you need to make that money, baby!
Travel is favorable, but you will have so much star power that you may want to take it easy by late summer.
Enjoy the spotlight! Dress in bolder colors than you are used to! It’s time to make a statement! If you get invited to a party, go! You can catch up on your rest in September.

Love is in full bloom by summer’s end in late August, until then use your charming personality to flirt away the summer months. Enjoy a little window shopping for that new love match!
Work and career are fast paced, exciting, and you could land your dream job or work situation by fall.
You have times of great reflection this summer, but don’t stay too much in your own head. Get out there and live your life now, not in the past. Spend time building your friendships too, not just love matches, sexy Libra!

You are a powerhouse this summer in the boardroom and in the bedroom! You have come to know and appreciate yourself and that makes all the difference.
This is your summer of lucky breaks and lusty admirers so show off!
You have a keen sense of when to make a move or stay put this summer. Following your intuition pays big and you reap the rewards right on through September.

This summer is about love that lasts and focusing on your family and friends.
You are confident and finally feel good in your own skin.
It’s steady as you go at the office and you are happy for a bit of calm in that area of your life.
With a few hectic times before the fall, this summer is one of your best in recent years.
Enjoy all your blessings!

You are a bundle of creative energy this summer and full of new ideas that benefit you in every area of your life. It’s a great time to start a new hobby or sport you have been putting off.
While you are trying out new things, why not freshen up your look with a new hairstyle and a new color pallet for your wardrobe. This goes for men and women.
Your good looks will not go unnoticed, this summer! Your love life creates a major heat wave.
Embrace your bold self! You’re hot and you know it!

This summer is a time of changes for you. You finally make moves for the better in your job, living situation, and love life. Remember, you don’t have to get a new partner to start over in the relationship area. Rekindle the flames of love; you’ll be glad you did.
You are ready to get physical. This is a great time to commit to an exercise plan you can live with. This is a time of making decisions that move you forward in the right direction.
You feel more sentimental than normal at times but this inner reflection is good for you now.
“Regroup and move forward,” is this summer’s mantra.

Things are looking up this summer. Everything is finally falling into place and all your hard work begins to pay off. You deserve a vacation and you should indulge yourself even if it’s just a long weekend away. It will help you refocus and recharge.
You are irresistible to your partner, enjoy!
You enjoy the outdoors more than normal. You are feeling a pull to reconnect with nature.
You always take care of everyone else, so this summer make sure you are on that list too.
It’s a beautiful season for you.

Just when you thought you were in the highest gear possible, you find a way to kick it into overdrive.
To say this summer will be productive is an understatement. If we could harness your passion and energy this season we could light up the world!
Don’t waste any time on petty squabbles or people weighing you down with gossip. This is a waste of your precious time and energy.
Instead, use that time to get busy in your sometimes overlooked love life. People are focused on loving you this season! Enjoy it, lucky Capricorn!

This has been a great year for you and that trend continues through the summer months.
You are bold in your love life, so be bold in your career goals as well at this time. You will be rewarded.
You are clarifying what you want in life and how you plan to get it. It’s all about the focus now.
Keep steady with your budget and don’t blow all of your savings this summer. While things look good for you financially, you will be happier to have a big nest egg in the months ahead for those bigger purchases you will want to make.
Passion, as always, is key to your happiness and this summer you are ecstatic!

Ever passionate Aquarius, you don’t disappoint your lovers this summer. You are on fire in the love department. Your career is thriving as well. The next several months and all your planning and hard work begins to pay off for you financially. Don’t forget to take a break now and then to reflect and make sure you are heading in the right direction to make your long standing dreams a reality.
Family and friends mean more to you than ever now. Plan a get together to let them know how much you care.

You are focused and ready to step into greatness this summer. You are superior in every way and you get noticed by all the right people. This ends up putting your career even further ahead.
Your love of order and structure grows as you feel a little off balance at times with all the changes you have been going through and still endure this season. Hang in there, the romance department is a steady burning ember that ignites a flame in your heart later this year. You are deeply caring and loving but make a point to let others care for you too. This is a beautiful season for you. As Jane Austen would say, “After a little bit of trouble, everything works out in the end.”

Put yourself at the top of your to-do list this summer. You are usually so focused on your career and helping others that you are not even on your list!
Create a new style of living for yourself. Little treats go a long way and good fashion style doesn’t have to be expensive. You will be glad you made some changes as a new love is coming your way!
If you are already attached, this season is a refresher course in Love 101. Treat your old love as good as you would a new one. Never stop dating them, and remembering why you fell in love in the first place.
Creativity is flowing through you as you paint a clear blue sky of happiness overhead. You begin to understand you are creating the world you live in choice by choice.