Super Bowl Super Foods in Dallas- Ft Worth

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and all across America the world is cheering and gearing up to watch two teams duke it out for the ultimate bragging rights. Now if you are like me and the rest of the DEJ staff were more than a little sore from that Cowboys loss a few weeks ago and don’t want to talk about it! I’ll probably spend most of my super bowl day sulking and eating than actually watching the game. If you want to drown your feelings in fried delicious-ness here are my favorite spots in DFW!

1.) Bryan Street Tavern- They are known for there fire wood baked pizza’s but that doesn’t mean that is where your culinary experience has to end. The wings at Bryan Street are amazing chunks of delicious white meat topped in sensational flavors. Now, typically I love the messiness of a good “wet” wing but their Cajun Dry rub has me switching my taste buds over to the crispy side of wings. Bryan St. Dallas TX

2.) Pluckers- This Austin Based chain has locations in Dallas, Euless and Arlington, The arlington one is usually packed any night of the week nd that is no surprise now chicken wings are the star player here but if you really what to try something out of this world, coma something worthy of the “Keep Austin Weird” Mantra check out their fried macaroni and cheese featured on our cover image for this article, it’s just the right amountof wrong when you take a bite into two fried logs seasoned with just a hint of garlic into gooey mounds of macaroni and cheese. In an age where restaurants are all about making adult versions of child hood favorites this treat will regress you ten years and progress you 10 pounds but who the hell cares! It’s Game Day!

3.) Old Chicago: Man do I love this place it’s the perfect mixture of a cic dinner spot with Tapas and a very happening sports bar. Now while Old Chicago is the new kid on the block at Mocking Bird station and yes Twin Peaks would seem like the obvious choice for sports and food , Old Chicago is the little engine that could of food. These dishes are unique to my texas taste buds and made for sharing it’s a great atmosphere and there friendly staff  wears full shirts! You can’t beat it  start off with their GENIUS take on Buffalo wings the Buffalo chicken rolls Grilled chicken, buffalo sauce, mozzarella cheese and bleu cheese dressing baked inside our handmade dough. Topped with celery curls and served with bleu cheese dressing or their original wings in interesting flavors like the spicy Jamaican Dry Rub! Try it and thank me via twitter.

4.)Sundown At Granada- Now I wasn’t going to forget my heath nuts if you want to eat a nice respectable amount of good grub and yell at the screen on the biggest TV’s in town check out the Granada. Their Adjoining restaurant will feature great dishes we know and loves like flat bread pizzas and some wings but also tasty salads.

5.)Azure-Azure Lounge in Addison wins for having the best Party happening on Game day the spacious club and bar is also home to some mean margaritas. The Block Party watch party kicks off at 1pm and will go on till 2am yeah you read that correctly until 2am, but Azure is great at creating different atmospheres, midday it’s going to feel like brunch, during the game a sports bar and after that a true party and  most importantly the food is great! FREE GUMBO

Address: 4080 Belt Line Road, Addison, TX 75001

So there are my favorite spots in Dallas, Lower Greenville, Arlington and Addison tell us what you are eating and where on @dejournal on twitter