Technology Festival in Dallas Texas Focused on empowering the Dallas Community. a community-oriented technology training company will host a one of a kind Bridging The Gap Technology Festival in Dallas. The goal of this event is to expose innovation and technology trends to DFW.

The Dallas/Fort Worth technology job market is booming. The Dallas/Fort Worth area is home to over 10,000 corporate headquarters, making Dallas/Fort Worth the largest corporate headquarters concentration in the United States. This also has resulted in the growth of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, home to American Airlines, the largest airline in the world, and the rapid population growth of the metropolitan area, the fourth largest in the United States. People in the IT field are among the highest salaries in the DFW area. Although there are many jobs, there aren’t as many local qualified candidates.

Due to the lack of trained IT professionals, companies oftentimes go outside of DFW and sometimes outside of the US just to find qualified talent. Although there are many jobs here, people aren’t necessarily being trained to satisfy the needs of the positions.

The purpose of this event is to help Bridge that Gap! We want to expose DFW to the wonderful opportunities in IT. This event will showcase the variety of opportunities in the technology industry and inspire local residents to explore innovation.




Bridging The Gap Event Details:

The City of Dallas has graciously allowed Bridging The Gap to be held on a bridge. I bet you didn’t see that coming! To add onto that, not just any bridge, but the city’s very own Ron Kirk Bridge (Formerly known as the Continental Avenue Bridge). The 1-Day Festival will showcase innovations and careers in Coding, Gaming, Film, Digital Art, Digital Media, Entertainment, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Fashion, Healthcare, Real Estate and more. Bridging The Gap is focused on connecting companies with future employees from the DFW area. Bridging The Gap commences with a career fair, and climaxes with an artistic, wearable technology focused fashion show combining high-fashion models with high-tech innovations. We want Bridging The Gap to be free to the public so that we can maximize exposure to our sponsors. Tickets and Vendor Booth sales are soaring for the August 24th experience.


HIGH TECH FASHION SHOW on the Bridge of course!

The team is developing one of the most unique fashion shows focused on Technology Trends! Imagine a beautiful night with runway models and the latest wearable technology trends. The highlight of the festival will be the Technology Fashion Show. 100 VIP seats are available for purchase. Proceeds from the VIP ticket sales will help purchase laptops and cameras for 10 local digital design students. We have space for your designs! Are you a trendy designer or do you create wearable technology? We also want to feature YOU or YOUR PRODUCTS in our VIP BAGS.

Would you like to have a front row seat to the coolest Fashion Show to grace the metroplex?

Get your Seat… Only 100 VIP Seats Available!


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Wearable Technology Fashion Show
Local and National Vendors
Artificial Intelligence Area
Youth Innovators Showcase
Youth Robotics Showcase
Youth Journalists + Photographers + Videographers +Youth Makers