The Lust List: How to Texas Proof your Summer Beauty Routine!

Summer Guides for beauty are nothing new every Cosmo, and Glamour mag will tell you how to beat the heat but none are prepared for the Texas heat! That is why I, Jasmine your Dallas Entertainment Journalist, have bravely risked my frizz and freckles to find out exactly what products can fight the wind, humidity and general unpleasantness that is DFW weather.  DFW women are majestic creatures aren’t we?  We have possibly the least beauty friendly weather but we are the most beauty obsessed. How does one compete and how do these lovely southern bells stay so flawless? The answer is beauty must haves! Long wearing products, skin clearing ingredients and a love of big hair!

Sephora just realsed a 16 piece sun care essential kit that protects your face eyes and body

Skin: Summer skin is stressful especially on the body not only do we want that toned glowing look we also want to protect are skin from sun damage.

Manage extra oiliness and toxins in the air by adding a Alcohol Free toner to your skin care routine

  1. Skincare

The first thing you should focus on is tweaking your skincare routine. Switch up your regular Spf 15 for 30 or higher go with breathable oil-free formulas such as PUR minerals Daily Defense DD cream available at Ulta Stores. If you don’t already use toner add it to your routine to balance overly dry or oily skin try an Alcohol free variety.




alcohol free keils

2.)  Make it last!

When it come to makeup make it last all day. Especially those brows start with Anastasia  Dip Brow, I use the color chocolate with the number 18 brush and blend it with my sparse hairs and non existent tail to create the perfect shape. Trick: Use Eye Primer all over your lid to brow to set the stage then spray makeup setting spray like Urban Decay’s “De-Slick” to lock it down.

3.) Bat Those Lashes!

It’s fair to say that on about 75% of women their eyes are there best asset and it’s great to make your eyecvolor pop on summer days with nude lips. try out a bold lash buiding mascara like Buxom waterproof or my new summer obsession  PUR minerals Big Blink mascara in waterproof the adorable water droplet encrusted mascara tube is choked full of healthy good for your lashes ingredients including Argan Oil to help rebuild those lashes. Add a lil liner in a cool tone to compliment the peachy bronzes in your lip and cheek color for summer I love aqua cream liners from E.L.F or Makeup Forever.

pur mascara


4.) FEET!

Did you notice I wrote that in all Caps? because feet area serious matter, in the summertime you will be on your feet more out exploring the world and probably wearing your strappy stilettos or cute thong sandals, right? Nothing kills the mood like cracked heels and corns! Banish bad feet with the Clarisonic Pedi at $199 it’s an investment but this sonic device uses a stainless steel smoothing disk and wet d/dry buffing brush to slough away dead skin along with fruit enzyme based skin care in full sizes and a glycolic acid peel to completely eliminate dead skin and calluses. If you’d like to save the major bucks of a 30-60 dollar pedicure each week The Clarisonic Pedi is the

way to go


5.)Night Glam

Summer doesn’t have to just mean neutrals. Color is all the rage for summer especially in super saturated liquid lip stains are the way to go. Go Glossy with Stilla’s Stay all day gloss Ulta $22, or Lime Crime or YSL. Must have colors Deep Berry’s, Hot Corals and 4th of July reds. Keep the rest of your face neutral and easy  by using a highlighting shimmer across eye lids and a bronzing powder in your crease set with liquid liner and two coats of your favorite mascara. VOILA! Summertime sexy.

6.) Flip flop your foundation.

Even if your religiously avoid the sun chances are you will get a slight tan and even if you don’t it’s important to switch your foundation for warmer weather. Avoid anything listed as “radian” unless you have very dry skin as your skin will be over producing oil and sweating. If you have sensitive skin go with a BB cream like Maybelline to minimize imperfections and set with translucent powder. For a full coverage look that last try  Tarte’s Amazonian Clay or Estee Lauders Double wear line; DW is available in medium, light and  full coverage foundations and powders.

7.) Work what you got!

Hair is ever so important. With the pretty weather your going to want to look great at the office and at the after parties. Beat the heat and learn some easy up do’s Ideas

Curly/Wavy hair’ if your hair has texture learn to work with it not against it, this weather will make your hair revert back to its natural state so rather then piling on heavy styling aids ad a light weight gel to control frizz and allow your hair to take  it’s natural shape. if you prefer your hair straighter. Do a conditioning rinse with Suave naturals coconut conditioner (best 1.50 you will ever spend) and follow up with gel mixed with your favorite oil such as coconut or argan oil and make small braids twist or Knots in the morning you’ll have shaped coils and curls that will look beautiful pinned up

Straight or slightly wavy hair can go limp from all the humidity Lock it out with a volumizing hair spray but make sure to use something Alcohol free. Avoid Over washing by working Dry Shampoo into your routine. Dry shampoos are formulated to absorb oil and give you the just shampooed freshness to re start your style work through roots and brush out with a natural bristle brush to distribute those oils to your ends whish will need it.  check out this fun summer up-do that will be a hit at all of those boozy brunches and weddings you’re sure to get invited to this season

DryShampoo-01 climate control lauren conrad pictorial

8.) GO DEEP!

Deep moisture in every aspect of what you do. Try skincare mask like Glam Glow moisture masks. Use heat protectants  in your hair and of course wash not all that makeup and don’t skip moisturizer at night. And most importantly stay hydrated! All of those 8 glasses of water need to be drunk this summer in their original water format! Melted ice in your sangria does not count!


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