Texas Rangers New ‘Super Dad’ Spencer Patton Makes Major League Debut

If you’re a father or a mother, think back to the days immediately following the birth of your first child. I have three children, and that wonderful day my wife and I welcomed our eldest daughter into the world is forever etched in my mind. I remember feeling simultaneously terrified, euphoric, lost, and hopeful. The realization that I was now the protector of and provider for a little human made me question my abilities, but gave me greater determination than I had ever felt that, no matter what, I would die to fulfill my responsibilities for my baby girl.

Those first weeks were especially stressful because my wife and I didn’t know what we were doing, and we weren’t thinking straight due to severe sleep deprivation. As a new daddy, I was also suffering under the delusion that I could somehow “break” my child via the mere act of simply holding her. Can you relate?

Now that you’ve hopefully got both mushy-gushy feelings and that “new parent” fear again in the pit of your stomach, imagine that during the first week of your new child’s existence, you were called to travel away from said infant, and oh, while you’re at it, make your Major League Baseball pitching debut in front of 26,965 spectators at Texas Rangers Globe Life Park and countless other television viewers.

Bruer Morris Patton son of Jiletta and Texas Rangers RHP Spencer Patton.

Bruer Morris Patton son of Jiletta and Texas Rangers RHP Spencer Patton.

When Texas Rangers right-handed pitcher Spencer Patton took the mound Thursday night against the Seattle Mariners, that’s exactly the scenario he found himself in. Spencer’s new baby Bruer Morris was born in Effingham, Illinois on Tuesday to he and his wife Jiletta. Patton then traveled to Arlington, Texas to catch up with the Rangers where Thursday night, in spite of the lack of sleep he had from Wednesday night, he made his MLB debut.

Spencer looked understandably awestruck when he told me after yesterday’s game, “It’s just been an amazing week. One that won’t be topped, ever.”

What is truly incredible, and the reason I think he deserves the ‘Super Dad’ moniker, is that Spencer was spectacular on the mound for the Rangers. He displayed outstanding command throwing 18 strikes on 25 pitches in two scoreless innings. The Rangers lost the game to the Mariners 10-2, but Patton was cool, calm, and collected resembling a Rangers veteran during his 4th and 5th innings of work.

Spencer did receive some help in the 5th from his new teammate shortstop Elvis Andrus who snagged a hard hit off Mariner centerfielder Austin Jackson barehanded and made a great throw to first for the out.  Patton said of Andrus’ play,

“It’s unbelievable with a defense like that behind you. It gives you a little bit more confidence to know that you can get the ball put into play and the guys behind you are going to make the play.” Spencer continued, “I told my wife I can’t wait to pitch with a defense like that behind me.”

So tell me gentlemen, could you have a baby, travel to a different state two days later with just a few hours of sleep, and crush it in your Texas Rangers debut?  Spencer Patton proved himself tough-minded if nothing else, and is deserving of the ‘Super Dad’ label in my opinion.  Rangers fans can hope that he will use his powers next season to help the franchise to a better regular season record.

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