The Equalizer [movie review]

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This film is a terrific dramatic experience, as Denzel Washington plays a superb modern day knight in shining armor role as ‘Robert’ in THE EQUALIZER! Released in 2014 this film is very near to coming to DVD, also possibly still at some of the areas dollar movies. The film starts in a local Diner set in Boston creating a completely believable setting that permeates through the entire film. In the film, Denzel plays a dominating lead role as a character that is a retired Black Ops agent currently making his new life as a mundane worker at a Home Supply Warehouse. Costarred by the brilliantly blossoming hollywood talent in Chloe Grace Moretz and as the villain Marton Csokas.

Both Chloe and Marton play excellent roles as they are able to epitomize their characters alongside the almost completely hypnotizing Denzel Washington, who effortlessly reverts back to the perfect gentlemen to deal with [Alina/”Teri”] after applying ruthless tactics to [Teddy] and his cohorts! The film’s action scenes are worth more than the price of admission and Director Antoine Fuqua is masterful in weaving the uncomfortable reality of the underworld with the completely believable setting of everyday USA. The Equalizer is rated R  for violence and the fact that it tackles the issue of underground prostitution but it does not, however, have a warped principal premise. The ‘warped principal premise’ is common in modern film and is something I will address in a later article. I give this film an A- because I’m sure once I’ve seen in more than once I will find some “plot holes” but the first time through I loved it.

[I give this film an A-]


the-equalizerThe Equalizer - 2014