The Lust List: Daring Lips for spring!

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Hey there DEJ Beauty and Fashion lovers, welcome to spring 2014! Now the weather doesn’t agree with me but it is in fact “Spring” and it’s time to freshen up your makeup looks for spring starting with a stand out look for Valentines Day, whether your going to sipping sangria with your single friends or cuddling as a couple you want a look that will be unforgettable no matter your complexion here are my picks for great lips Fair,light,medium,golden,bronze and deep skin tones.

Lust Must – Bright Lipstick!

Ok, bold lipstick is the reigning  champ on the runways. While various shades from coral to crimson have been favorites for several seasons I still find myself meeting women who just don’t think they can wear red or pink or orange, say it with me ladies YES YOU CAN! But here are some tips to remember

1.) Nobody likes a crusty kisser- Nothing kills a pretty red lip buzz like flaky uneven patches of dead skin. Get a good lip Exfoliator. (ELF cosmetics Studio lips exfoliator $3 Target stores, Fresh Brown Sugar Lips $25 Neiman Marcus stores)

2.) Stay inside the lines- Lipliner is not optional! Bold colors require borders to keep them in place and also make the transition less jarring depending on the skin tone. A good rule of thumb when deciding on a lip liner is to choose based on the opacity of the gloss or lipstick your using. On full color lipsticks choose a color that closely matches the shade you are applying, on sheer shades choose a flesh tone.Now when I say flesh I mean your flesh! MAC cosmetics has a great selection of “nude” liners, try Stripdown for fair skin, subculture on medium shades, Cork on Golden or broze skin and Chestnut on deep tones.For full Color Liners I love Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide on lip Pencils they are so creamy and blendable they can be worn as lipstick. (Ulta stores)

3.)Set the Stage- If you want your lips to take center stage you have to make sure your skin and eyes are ready to play a supporting role. On Light skin tones neutralize any redness by applying a green toned Primer NYX cosmetics has one  at Target stores. Make sure to apply blush very sparingly or not at all and just use a light bronzer to define your cheekbones. On medium to deep skintones balance the tones of your face with a medium  to full coverage foundation and concealor, Iove Stilla’s Stay all day Foundation ($44 at ulta stores) this product has a handy top and comes with a brush.

Now youv’e got the basics now here’s my most Lusted after lipshades for your skin tone.


Megan Fox via Google images Taylor Swift via Google Unknown-1Unknown-3

The key on Fair skin is too balance out the redness so nothing competes with your bold lip see how Megan and Taylor have little to no blush on?, That works! On Golden or olive skin a blue based red opposes your yellow undertones and makes your teeth look pearly white I love Stilla lip colors in Fiery and Beso   The colors last all day even through eating and drinking. I personally think Reds a prettier Matte so I like Still as well as MAC’s retro matte lips in Ruby Woo and Russian red. Tika Sumpter ( far right) looks phenomenal because of a matte lip as well.

Pinks/Purples- Pinks can be worn either as lipsticks or glosses. Just make sure to choose a proper liner In pinks I love glosses such as NYX Butter glosses. Lupita ,Emma Stone and Mindy Kaling are all pictured wearing a blue based pink with different levels of opacity. Notice the more sheer the lip the less drastic the rest of the face is, It’s All about balance.


With Purple shades be daring and go for full color lipsticks like MAC cosmetics newest buzz shade “Heroine” zendaya-purple-lipstick jessie J lupita

Check out pop star’s Zendaya  and Jessie J pictured here along side Hollywood it girl Lupita Nyong’o

Oranges- Orange warms up the complexion like no other this fresh shade will be big all summer long and looks great when accented by Aqua or Jade eye liner along the bottom lashes.My fave picks for orange colors are MAC M’orange or Debbie by Buxom (Sephora stores)  for a full color look great on deep or golden tones and  For a sheer hue try Revlon Matte Balm in showy

zoey via google images jessica alba orangeashanti

mac mornagematte balm in showy Buxom Debbie


Try out these or leave your favorite shades and styles in the comment section! How are you waking up your skin with color this spring?

*All images courtesy of Google Images, I do not own nor claim any of the above listed images.