The Lust List: Top 10 Beauty Buys under $10 Bucks

Hey DE-J Divas,
Hope this fall has been fantastic for you. Now this time of year buying beauty items may not be a priority, what with saving up for holiday trips and family events thinking about yourself and how you want to look might even feel selfish. Thinking of others  doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able  treat yourself every now and then  or as Aziz Ansari would say “Treat yo’ self” to something new that makes you look and feel fabulous. That’s why I devolped my top 10 under 10. Buying Beauty products that cost less than 10 dollars can be a gamble. Some cheaper products can have harmful ingredients or be ineffective but I have laid my life on the line (yes it’s that serious) to test each and everyone of these beauty steals so you can know what’s worth your hard earned cash! Last year my top 10 under 10 was one of our most shared post and this year we did it again but we did you one better a Video list and all the items can be purchased in one place in south dallas check out our returning champs and new favorites on todays lust list. Share this and be sure to tweet your favorite beauty buys @DEJournal