The Lust List: Top 5 beauty buys under 5 bucks!

Ok, DeJournal Friends I have a confession. I am a bourgeois makeup lover, while I might buy 90% of my wardrobe on clearance and dive into a few salvation army’s for accessories but In the last few years of working for some major retailers I have acquired some pretty expensive taste in Makeup. There are some major advantages to shopping high ; being able to try them in store with a makeup artist and return them if they don’t work out and major companies have budgets for better looking and better quality packaging. But recently I have been investigating cheaper options that may be just as good as my old favorites  and I selflessly (you can thank me in the comments) put my face and wallet on the line to bring you my top 5 under 5 bucks, I choose these staples with the criteria that they can work for anyone and did not aggravate my super sensitive skin.

  1. nyx browNYX Eye Brow Cake Powder: This super star product can be purchased at DFW beauty supplies and Target ranging from 3.50-7.00.I have bought this in all 5 of the color options and use it in my kit on clients. I have tried every option under the sun including the “high brow” ones ( HA high brow now that’s punny) ranging from 35-50 dollars but keep going back to this set if you have an allergy to petroleum I recomend avoiding this one and going with the maybelleline brow blender pencil nut my NYX brow cake set comes in 6 of shade ranges and includes the perfect matte neutral brow colors and the kit has a brow brush and agled applicator brush. Use this with  concealer a teeny bit lighter than your natural shade to create the perfect brow.
  2. LA GIRLLA girl Pro Concealer: I first got hip to this gem when my instagram feed was flooded with professional artist raving about it when I saw the 2.50 price tag I was really surprised. The concealer has a creamy blendable texture and a brush on applicator that makes it really convenient I bought the LA girl Pro concealer online and was amazed at the shade selection on my computers monitor I saw 4 shades that looked like a good match for my skin which is usually hard to match I ordered warm honey which I now use as my under brow and as a highlight when I want serious contour, Fawn and Toffee which are almost excatly  the same except that toffee is more red based and fawn more yellow and I use those as spot cover and finally beautifully bronze as a contour. If that sounds like a lot of concealer it is but for the casual user who just wants to look well rested apply your favorite eye cream then  pat on your exact match under the eyes. Don’t go a shade lighter your just look more tired and a little drunk.
  3. bh linerBH Cosmetics Waterproof liner- I only have one complaint about this liner. It needs to be listed as life proof.Once you set this liner it is staying on! I bought the liner in Onyx but plan on purchasing more shades in the very near future. it has a nice gel finish that wont pull or tug across eyelids of any age. I got this liner for 2.95 at along with a few other goodies the whole company features highly pigmented colorful pallets that are perfect for aspiring makeup artist. Follow them online for their daily specials.
  4. elf bronzerE.L.F Contouring Blush and Bronzer: I’m in love! I am someone who cannot leave the house without bronzer to make my cheekbones pop and always love blush but unfortunately lugging around a lot of products can be a hassle E.L.F cosmetics has solved this problem in 3 shade duo’s the sets have cure name s such as St. Lucia, Turks and Caicos and my personal favorite Antigua the bronzers range from light to dark and can be used to add an allover glow or create cheek bones and shape up double chins. best part they only cost $3 and can be purchased at your local target
  5. nyx matte lipsNYX Matte Lipstick: I knew NYX would make my list twice if your like me and have been lusting after MAC’s retro matte collection but can’t get your hands on your favorite colors fear not thees true to color bold matte lipsticks have a similar finish and feel and smell great compared to your typical inexpensive lipstick I picked these up at a local  beauty supply and had to exercise self control I got Alabama a rich crimson red and sweet pink a bright and pretty hot pink.


Here is my finished face with Sweet pink from NYX on my lips the concealers and BH cosmetics liquid foundation in Mocha .

finished look

That’s my top 5 under 5 this week look out for more looks next week