The Lust List: What to Wear to a Rangers Game This Season

Polyvore collage


Win or lose you will score a home run when you pair up classics like denim and converses with unique touches like Burnished metal and  lace inserts here are my favorite pics for Rangers games no matter the occasions.

4th of July Tailgate- Expect the un expected but expect to have your feet hurt! When you are trotting up the bleachers you cant afford a stubbed toe or a sprained ankle. Stop by the Converse outlet store at the outlets in grand Prairie for a comfy pair in red white or blue

Watching the game at the Bar- When you are watching the game at a bar ( my favorite spot is the grease monkey or sherlocks) You want your team spirit to be visual 100 miles away. Check out Victoria secret pink or Etsy for rangers tees with delicate V neck lines and sequins on the bust. Keep the bottom half subtle though pair with long denim shorts, crop pants or a skirt but please please please stop wearing those ridiculous fringe dresses : If your team wins you look like a pom pom if they loose you look like a mop! No one needs a mood dress.

Stuck at work watching the game at the break room: Subtle pieces that show you are a rangers fan with things to do. I’m a huge fan of the T emblem necklace you can find at the rangers pro store you can also find  cufflinks for guys and cool watches. Just because you have a 9 to 5 doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be cheering on your team just skip the baseball hat during meetings.

Getting fancy in the good seats: If you happen to have a corporate party or a hot date with some Dallas millionaire (or a 30k millionaire) you might end up in the good seats with a good view and good food, that means YOU have to look good. While jeans and a tee are always a good look if you want to feel a little bit more prepared try a classic chambray shirtdress, make sure it’s belted so you don’t look like you’re taking an extended walk of shame and pair it with a red tank top for extra coverage and a pop of color. If frizz tries to rain on your parade a structured fedora is the perfect addition to the look.

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Extras: No big bags at the Big parks thats the rules and you have to go along with it but don’t fret just check out betseyjohnson and amazon  and Dallas Favorite Deuces to Divas for small Crossbody bags and mini backpacks and just remeber to carry your game day essentials P.M.I.L.K.T : Phone, Money, Lipgloss,Keys and Tickets. as long as you have that stuff your’e golden!

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