The Next Big Artist

When I think of Hip Hop history in the “DFW”, Dallas Ft. Worth, many thoughts come to mind.

I can remember when “Dickies and Houseshoes” came out in 94’ and everybody I went to school with at Atwell middle school was wearing dickie suits. The Local turned regional hit had everyone in the city feeling proud that we finally had someone to represent from our hometown. After a long drought, rapper Mr. Pookie and Mr. Lucci exploded onto the scene with worthy albums, a highly respectable flow and lyrics that made the dfw stick our chest out with the feeling of arrival. Rumor was that Mr. Pookie was never offered the record deal that he felt would best fulfill his aspirations. Thus another long drought before George Lopez and “DSR” allowed us to peak into their world of what they called “truck pop and screw music”. Artist such as Tum-Tum and Big Tuck evolved as artist and negotiated a recording contract with universal. People from all over the df-dub was speculating why no one else from the Dallas Ft. worth area was breaking into the hip hop scene like H-town and ATL artist, pointing the finger at local dj’s that are looking to break themselves rather than breaking local artist. Go dj’s and Definition dj’s with help from the likes of radio personality Skip Cheatam was under fire for not supporting local artist without being paid thousands of dollars first. What a sham!

When I think of the present and future there is only one name that deserves to be mentioned in my humble opinion. AV The Great, rapper from Denton has just dropped a hot mixtape called “Man In The City-2” which displays the smash hit- “Need a Raise” produced by Lexi Banks. I also like “Keep it Trill, WYS, and Place To Be”. AV The Great, who holds down a day job at K104fm as Chris Cole has proven that he has a southern flow that can compete with the likes of the top rappers in hip hop right now! Ladies and Gentleman he is ready! With acknowledgements from D-magazine, Dallas Observer, Social Media and the streets of dfw Av may be the next rapper to sift the paradigm in hip-hop. In a quote Av revealed; The main reason why the DFW isn’t respected globally for hip hop is because we haven’t had a artist breakthrough and give the impression that he or she can hang on a track with the Kanye’s, Ti, Jay-z’s and such but this project shows and proves that we do have someone, it’s time for everyone to take notice because it’s only a matter of time. Let it be known that it’s not a Dallas thing, it’s not a Denton thing, it’s a dfw thing and if we celebrate it as such then this particular project can take us to the next level!      

It’s my belief that Av has one of the most complete albums to come out of the southern region in a long time. He has great lyrical ability with a real identifiable substance which most rappers from the df-dub has had a hard time delivering! Av is also well respected and recognized in the community for outreach work at Fred Moore Park in Denton, Texas. We have to support our artist so more opportunities will be realized; Av The Great will be performing at Trees with Bone Thugs an Harmony on Nov. 25th. I’m a fan and a hard critic when it comes to rap and talent and I can predict that Av The Great will be the next platinum selling artist in hip hop!

Download your copy of “Man In The City-2 at: AV The

Photos by: Ed Steele Photography

Written By: Barry “The Fashion Guru” Wallace