The Owners Box

#TheLees take on The Owner’s Box, Omni Hotel
POV of a Man & Woman 🙂

The Owner’s Box Sports Bar & Grill is located in downtown Dallas inside the Omni Hotel. It was introduced as the “sports lover’s dream”. This may be due to the many screens located around the bar, the plush seating, and the wide selection of food and drinks.
The Lee’s have been on several occasions and would love to share our take on this venue. Our views may differ slightly, but that goes back to the old saying: “Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars”.

“The Omni itself is located in the best area of downtown. I absolutely enjoy nice scenery! There is a nice view of the city which is perfect for my Instagram post. I’m not the only one! I would hate to look out the window and see the highway or a busy intersection. Maybe it’s just me. I don’t thinks so. “ –Nette
“Yea the Scenery is nice, but I like the idea that it’s close to the other downtown happenings (i.e. Main St and West End) Since I’m usually the one driving, I like the places we frequent on the weekend to be in close proximity! I’d rather spend my money on a cover at a night club than gas! Once I got there I was pleasantly surprised!” -Lyonell


Customer Service:
“Upon arrival to the Owner’s Box we were greeted with pleasant smiles. They seemed genuine but you can’t be too sure. But hey, your job is to fool me so I’m okay with that. This place seems to always be busy so there was maybe a 20 minute wait for seating. While waiting we were able to get drinks from the bar while still enjoying the game. It works out! You may have to get there an hour before your game starts.”- Nette
“If the fellas are anything like me, getting there before the game is no problem, because there is usually ANOTHER game already on! This place is the quintessential mecca of sports! The staff takes care of you and they stay out of the way of the game! Most guys don’t care much about greetings and pleasantries, but we definitely want our wings and drinks on time! Nette what did you think about the food?” -Lyonell
“The food was delicious and probably the best bar food I have ever had! No lie! The wings deserve an A+ but you will get sauce in your fingernails.* Sad face* Don’t worry about grubbing, because you can get a private section that is so plush it feels like you’re sitting on your couch at home watching the game. My drink wasn’t the best but it was bad. I prefer a little more zing at the end of my sip but I digress.” – Nette
“That’s Nette’s way of saying her drink wasn’t strong enough. I can’t say I had an issue with the drinks because my drinks are usually straight and on the rocks. This bar has quite a selection. From house to the finest premium liquors! I enjoyed a Crown Royal Old Fashion and it was awesome! If you’ve ever had one, you know you can’t mess those up! The best part of the whole experience was the environment.” -Lyonell
“Overall, the Owner’s Box is the kind of bar I wouldn’t mind going to on a regular (not just for sports). It gives you an upscale vibe with the plush setting. Your every need is catered to. You’re comfortable, there’s a nice view, food and drinks are at your fingertips and everyone is smiling!” –Nette
“Yep! We feel that we can be comfortable in almost and bar/club situation, but sometimes you enjoy kicking back, relaxing and enjoying a good game! The Owners Box offers all that and more! You owe it to yourself to check it out!”

#TheLees “Nette & Lyonell”