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It is my opinion that sometimes the best is saved for last. It’s apparent that other publications have taken the time to publish on this event. However, here at the Dallas Entertainment Journal we tend to sometimes take pride and often benefit from waiting and soaking in what each artist that was featured in the RAW Dallas opening showcase cleverly exhibited.

For the late folks, RAW is a online organization that is currently featured in 60 cities. This organization provides artists of all sorts the opportunity to showcase their talents and be exposed to other likeminded individuals across the country. Whether you’re a makeup artist, painter, musician, photographer or model RAW has a place for you.

First and foremost I would like to thank Sarah Badran the Dallas Showcase Director and Dana Badran one of the RAW coordinators for inviting the Journal out. I’ve never attended one of their showcases before so without a doubt I was thrilled to see what the big hype was about,and I assure you I was more than impressed.

Let’s be honest, those of you that aren’t as lucky to be around the artistic bunch would have been overwhelmed with the amount of talent in one venue, a good overwhelmed though. From walking in the door I was greeted with the sweets of Jarams Donuts. Delicious donuts topped with what most people would either add to their breakfast or give to their sugar craved children. Bacon and Strawberries where among some of the toppings.

As I continued to stroll through the venue I immediately noticed what looked like dishes you would find on the hit show Top Chef. To my surprise I was told by a young man by the name of Brian that a particular guy by the name of Eddie owner/chef of Eddiebles is actually in  the competing rounds to land a spot on Top Chef. I knew right away that Eddie’s food tasted like a 5 course meal in one bite simply delicious was my initial thought. Whether I was looking to the left or right it seemed like I was buried in the creative world of RAW.

Food was one thing I noticed but what followed was the artist of the canvas, walls and shirts. IAMSKELE a talented artist must have bought out the spray paint section of Wal-Mart, Target and any other major company that sells products of that sort. His artwork not only displayed character and color but each art piece that was covered in a monster cartoon had a story behind it which to me was purely genius and unique.

Upstairs you found Dallas Entertainment Journal’s past featured artist Amy Baldwin. There’s no need to explain how great her art work was because from the crowd that swarmed her section it was easily noticed that her work was something to see. Solomon Higgs, a very talented photographer who also owns House Of Dynasty a fashion photography company was also one of the featured artist. What I liked a lot about his photographs was that each one captivated you, and must I say that having a creative mind is one thing but being able to share your vision in a single picture is outstanding.

There were 45+ artists highlighted in the RAW Dallas Showcase. If I ever doubted Dallas for being the home of some of the most creative people I’ve seen, I now have proof that Dallas is more than the home of the most loved football team, Dallas is the home of those with RAW talent.

Go to www.rawartists.org to check out dates for upcoming shows and how to be featured as a RAW artist. Below are pictures for the season opener of RAW Dallas






Jaramsdonuts  17459 Preston Rd.  Dallas, TX 75252

17459 Preston Rd.
Dallas, TX 75252

Eddiebles and More Eddie (owner/chef) 214-492-3396

Eddiebles and More
Eddie (owner/chef)


Factory Glam www.factoryglam.com

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