#TheLees Take on Angry Dog

#TheLees take on the Angry Dog: A Dallas Staple

2726 Commerce St

Deep Ellum, Dallas

Angry Dog is located in the Deep Ellum District just outside of downtown Dallas. This area is known for

its arts, music, and dining; therefore, it wouldn’t be a surprise to strike gold at one of the local eateries.

Angry Dog was established in 1990 and has been rocking ever since. The environment is that of a bar

feel; however, it feels like home. A warm, welcoming ambiance engulfs you as you walk through the

door. There are multiple screens make watching your favorite sport while enjoying a beer or three easy!

The bar carries foreign domestic and local beers for those certain connoisseurs. This place thrives with

Texas Rangers fans by the way, so if you’re rooting for a different team you may want to bone up on

your baseball stats!


Angry Dog is located on the less busy side of Deep Ellum. There isn’t too much traffic and plenty of

parking. This is a place I would prefer to go during lunch hours. – Nette

Absolutely a lunchtime spot, but the food is good all day! Deep Ellum has never had a problem with

parking in my experience. -Lyonell

Customer Service:

The staff was definitely welcoming, attentive, and fast. At least I think they’re fast. They are so friendly.

Every time I visit this place we end up having a nice/long conversation about any and everything. Before

you know it, the food is coming out. Maybe that’s apart of their plan. That works for me! – Nette

You know I’m always up for a good convo Nette! Angry dog has won several awards in Dallas for their

food, so they are hands down one of the busiest bars in Dallas! You can’t tell how busy they are based

on their customer service! The staff is consistently polite and prompt. We’ve been here several times

and have had different waiter/waitresses each time; all of them just as great as the last! -Lyonell


The main attraction to this place would happen to be the Angry Dogs of course! This particular dish is

what all the “regulars” rave about. Although, there are great reviews on the burgers and wings, the

Angry Dog is in a league of its own. The angry dog is an open face hot dog spread over a plate topped

with onions, a homemade chili sauce, and loaded with shredded cheese. You actually have to use a fork

and knife to eat it. This is definitely not your traditional dog in a bun. The spice blend in the chili has to

be what is drawing everyone back to this dish. There is just enough zing at the tail end of each bite that

makes It’s absolutely delicious! I know I had a lot to say about this dog so maybe Lyonell could shed some

light on the drinks. Sorry! – Nette

No Nette, I think you explained it great! The burgers and wings have both won awards as well, but

the bar is called “Angry Dog” for a reason! My advice, try them all! With a beer selection that would

rival most specialty stores, it was a new experience each time we went! It helps that my wife enjoys

beer and we could sample two different beers each time! I would say that the cocktails are just that

“cocktails”; nothing special there. -Lyonell


I really enjoyed Angry Dog! Everyone speaks to everyone like one big happy family! The food is the icing

on the cake. This is a place I would take my close friends. – Nette

I couldn’t have said it better! This place has the feel of the TV show “Cheers”, where everybody knows

your name! -Lyonell

Overall, Angry Dog is definitely a spot you should try when visiting the Deep Ellum area. This place has

been around for quite some time now… now go find out why!

“We’ve been doing it long enough to know what works and what doesn’t” – Angry Dog