#TheLees take on Memphis Dallas


5000 Belt Line Rd.

Dallas, TX (Addison area)

Memphis-Dallas is a bar that features live bands of all genres. It’s connected to Shuck n’ Jive (a seafood

restaurant) and is located in the Addison area which has a strip full of bars and restaurants. The crowd

is extremely diverse and the local bands sure know how to bring the crowd together. Good music and

good drinks will never lead you wrong. Cheers!


The location of Memphis is not what you’d expect. It’s something like a shopping center; therefore, the

parking lot is usually packed. However, this bar is near a mall, several restaurants, and lots of bars (for

those that like to bar hop). Not much of a scene here but the band will drown that out. – Nette

Nette I especially enjoy the “secret gem” feel of this place. If you don’t look, you could miss it. Upon

first glance, it seems that you’re walking into seafood bar then you’re transported to what seems to

be a… well we will talk about that later! –Lyonell

Customer Service:

I would like to give the bartenders an A+ rating. That is all! Measuring the amount of alcohol with the

eye is pure talent! Then look off for one second while pouring. Now that’s a drink! – Nette

Nothing makes a bar experience more exciting than experienced, friendly bartenders! These guys

know their stuff! They are fair and attentive, meaning that they understand how the line at the bad

works! I know you all know what I’m talking about!!! The line at the bar can often get cluttered and

confusing, but the bartenders at Memphis are all over it! This makes for a timely, price appropriate

drink. -Lyonell


The food is right next door (Shuck n’ Jive) in the attached restaurant. It’s one big establishment. The

servers suggested the catfish basket which was pretty darn tasty. The filets were huge! I could actually

share my basket with someone. As far as the drinks, refer to customer service. Need I say more? – Nette

Well Nette I want to say more! J The bartenders here are seasoned drinkers, and so are their

patrons, so this place specializes in old school, no frill drinks! No lemon bombs or jolly ranchers here

(unless you really want them). The bartenders make the type of drinks that allow the flavor or higher

end spirits shine. And nothing goes better with a good drink than fried food! The catfish basket is

definitely the best food they sell here! -Lyonell


Every time we visit Memphis I get the vibe of a juke joint. I’ve never been to one but from how they

portray it on television, it’s close. The vibe is just right. The bands interact with the crowd. The drinks are

just right. This is a place to let loose and enjoy yourself. I would not recommend stilettos ladies. – Nette

There it is! Juke joint! I HAVE been to a few in my travels and Memphis is definitely a new age Juke

Joint. The Bands play covers to both new and old music. Disco, Pop, Hip-Hop, Rock, Top 40 Oldies;

you name it, they have it at Memphis! And hey, if you don’t like the music the night you decide to go,

come back the next night and get a totally different genre! Now that’s MY type of place!

At Memphis Dallas you cannot go wrong! Dining, drinking, and live bands everyday of the week! Visit

their website to see if your favorite band is playing. If not, go anyways! You’ll enjoy it!