#Thelees take on Zouk

zouk1703 McKinney Ave.

Downtown Dallas

Zouk Nightclub is a referred to as a mega club in Dallas. It’s known for the plush setting, perfect lighting,

and upscale décor.

Zouk is known for the many celebrity guest appearances which keep the regulars coming back for more.


I love the fact that Zouk is downtown (No, not because we live here. Okay, just a little bit). The club has

plenty of parking around the building for a flat rate and valet isn’t that expensive. The location is perfect

because Zouk has its own space so when you turn into the parking lot you know that everyone is going to

the same place. – Nette

It’s no secret that I enjoy Zouk, especially because it’s not far from us! However, before we moved to

downtown Dallas, I found myself heading to Zouk quite often! As socialites, Nette and I know how

important it is to know that a decent amount of people will be in attendance for a club of this size to

be enjoyable. I must tell you, the parking tells you all you need to know before you ever walk in.

Customer Service:

The doormen here are pretty cool at keeping order with the lines. Security is everywhere so don’t worry

about a thing, just party. The only time we’ve actually had to interact with staff for more than a minute

is with bottle service. They’re good at making sure your section is clear and the bottles come out soon

after arrival. The waitress at our table was very attentive and made sure our people were taken care of

all night. – Nette

Indeed! We have been going to Zouk for so long that most of the valet and security greet us upon

arrival. We tend to use the same waitress each time we get bottle service, but the entire staff is great!

The bartenders, waitresses, managers and owner have become great business associates over time.

I’m certain that I’m not the only one that feels this way! -Lyonell


The pricing for the drinks were pretty average and I must say that the bartenders sure do know how to

make a drink. I like to ask them to make me a drink of their choice and none of them have failed my taste

buds. I believe that this staff actually went to bartending school (wait, is that right?) – Nette

Yes Nette you’re right, these bartenders know their way around liquor selection and they do not

disappoint! My wife and I are always trying different drinks (although we have different tastes) and

the bartenders always give us something to add to our drinks of choice! When we don’t have bottle

service, this is one of the clubs we know we can get a great drink for a reasonable price!


Overall, for me (and probably most women), Zouk is the perfect place to go dancing, have some drinks,

and people watch. There was a comfortable vibe about this place. Everyone feels like a celebrity thanks

to the many photographers! I can deal! Love it! Not to mention the staff keeps the place looking great all

night! No sticky floors from spilled drinks getting all over my heels!!! – Nette

You said it Nette, I didn’t pay to stick to the floor! Zouk, being a Mega club in Dallas has plenty

of room to enjoy the night. So if you’re celebrating with 30 people or just 2, Zouk is there to

accommodate your every need! They have plenty of tables available ranging in pricing, 4 bars, two

levels and a sizeable dance floor! Not to mention they have excellent Djs that play a wide selection of

Top 40, Hip-Hop, Dance/Electronica and Pop.

Zouk is an awesome place, and you owe it to yourself to go one weekend! We guarantee you will not

be disappointed!


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