Things to do in DFW: See an interactive movie at Alamo Draft House.

Alamo Draft house is a  perfect hangout when you don’t want to just SEE a movie, you want to experience it! The Alamo Draft house aside from being a great movie watching experience is also not too rough on the eyes.When you walk into the Giant Theater you are greeted by the  rich red velvet and oriental rugs that give the theater space a quirky and vintage appeal. I couldn’t help but notice the Bicycle area in the center lobby for The Alamo’s Eco Friendly Guest. The Bar is fully stocked with liqors and a plethora of craft Beers. And besides the big studio releases that most theaters play, Alamo Draft House also features Indy films and cult classics. And on special occasions they will even find re-releases of popular movies that have already ,made it to DVD, these shows are smart marketing in my opinion, for example you could watch “Magic Mike” at home but wouldn’t you rather   have Channing Tatum’s  abs glistening at you on a giant screen on March 19th? Yeah, I though so! So make it a girls night or guys night or a date night and check out their films. The whole Month of March is actually Mystery Movie event Titled ” Alamo Draft House is On the Case”.

The new movie theater features Action Pack nights where anything can happen, Make sure you don’t forget to check out the schedule events and check back weekly for more  Action Packs Special Events.  I had the pleasure of attending  a packed sing a along screening on Moulin Rouge the movie is a campy crazy cult favorite and fans lined up to take there seats and relive the magic. Moulin Rouge was a perfect movie for the Valentine’s Day themed events guest were treated to a live pre show featuring top burlesque performers Black Mariah and Flame. The menu had special drinks themed around the movie, I suffered through a shot titled The green fairy that definitely made me feel like I was in Never Never Land. In the Audience we were handed a array of Knick Knacks a light up “Diamond” ring to flash during Nicole Kidman’s Singing parts, a green glow stick and maracas. All of these random goodies made the movie more fun and made the experience memorable

In a statement from the Alamo Draft House Website ;. “Sing-Alongs are full-on theatrical dance parties: taking the best parts of going to a concert and mixing it together with the best parts of going to a movie theater to create something completely new (and overwhelmingly awesome). You never feel out of place because, even if you’re not on your feet or dancing, they lovingly project all the lyrics on the screen so you can wail along with a theater full of people who love these songs just as much as you do, even if you don’t know every single word.

Quote-Alongs take your favorite movies and add in karaoke-like subtitles for the best lines so that everyone can yell out, “I know you are, but what am I?” right on cue with Pee Wee.

Of course, no Action Pack event is complete without props and a live game during the introduction. Past events have featured everything from glow sticks to inflatable swords, with Moulin Rouge can-can dance-offs and a ridiculous Super Troopers syrup-chugging competition before the movie.” Ridiculous indeed but life needs to be sometimes, Don’t ya think? Tell us about your experiences at The Alamo Draft House in the Comments Below and check our Gallery from the Moulin Rouge Sing-a-long!

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