Try This: A classic Drive in Movie at Galaxy Theater in Ennis

Written By: Roxanne Ward

If you haven’t been to a drive-in movie theater, then it’s time to go! Drive-in theaters were once a staple in American entertainment, but due to expensive upgrades and lost of interest, many of these beloved theaters are closing. However, there is one theater close to Dallas that is thriving and definitely worth checking out.

The Galaxy Theater in Ennis Texas is the epitome of what we imagine a drive in theater to be, complete with retro-style advertisements and a concessions stand right out of the movie Grease. The Galaxy Drive-in, like most, offers a double feature for the price of one ticket. Come early and catch two movies or arrive late to see the later feature. Both movies will be geared towards a specific audience. For example, Rio2 is followed my Maleficent, or A Thousand Ways to die is followed by Neighbors. Of course, because this is an outdoor theater, it is only open during the evenings and the shows don’t start until dark. But for an experience for the nostalgic, it worth it!

The Galaxy Theater is a great place to go with friends or on a date. You can grab a soda and funnel cake with strawberries, or Dippin’ Dots if that tickles your fancy, either way even after tickets, and food, it’s still a cheaper alternative your conventional theater. You just have to drive a little further. A preferred way to enjoy a drive-in is to sit outside. Many People sit the beds of trucks or snuggle in the front seats of their cars. Each parking space has speakers that attach to the car windows or you can tune your radio to the screen specific station and have surround sound, plus, since you are in your own personal vehicle, you don’t even have to silence your cell phones. Going to a Drive-In theater is a unique experience that I would recommend to anyone. It is definitely family friendly, and romantic and a lot are family owned and operated so you’re helping small businesses as well.



You can buy tickets at the gate for $7.00 per adult and $3.00 for children. It is located about 45 minutes south of Dallas. I recommend getting there a little early so you can find a good parking spot.


Check out The Galaxy Drive-In Theatre:


5301 N. Interstate Hwy 45, Ennis TX 75119

(972) 875-5505 (This number is for ticket prices, directions, and show times only)


Roxanne Ward is an aspiring travel writer. Her passions for not only travel, but for culture as well inspire her writing. She is.currently working on a larger piece focusing on the death and rebirth of the American Drive-In.

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Editors Note:

Drive ins popularity has resurged in may of 2013 a drive in was successfully funded on crowd source website



Has over 6,0000 followers what were finding is that young people who may have grown up without any access to drive ins are the ones who are romanticizing it and sparking the rebirth