US Women’s National Soccer Team Member Ali Krieger Wears Unequal HALO Headband

Ali Krieger of the US National Women's Soccer Team wears an Unequal HALO to protect against concussions.

Ali Krieger of the US National Women’s Soccer Team wears an Unequal HALO to protect against concussions.

Ali Krieger, US National Women’s Soccer Team Member and one of the top defenders in women’s soccer who suffered 2 concussions, will be wearing the Unequal Technologies HALO® Headband as her team competes for the 2015 World Cup.  Fox reporter Laura Vecsey wrote this story with additional information on Krieger’s decision to protect herself with Unequal Technologies.

Last week, Steve Holeman, Chairman of Unequal’s Soccer Advisory Board, received a call from Coach Steve Swanson (Ass’t National Team Coach and Head Coach, U of Virginia) requesting HALO’s for the Women’s US Soccer Team because some of the players had concussions.  Subsequently, Steve Holeman met with Ali Krieger.  After using the HALO in practice, Ali commented the HALO has two great benefits: she did not feel the impact from heading the ball; and it did not affect her control of the ball.  So Ali wore the Unequal HALO in Sunday’s first of three matches against Republic of Ireland as part of the “Send-Off Series” prior to USA’s opening World Cup match against Australia on June 8.

Ali had two concussions and is aware of her vulnerability to another concussion.  These injuries have pushed Krieger to the top of the list of world-class athletes whose careers are jeopardized by brain trauma from concussions.  As Ali puts it:

“I’m just being safe.  I’m going to be the cutest 30-year-old in a headband. I don’t want to go back to step one again. It’s not just about me. It’s about the team so I’m going to do my best to do anything I need to do to keep it that way,” she said, adding that she wants kids to know that they should not feel foolish wearing equipment that may draw wisecracks from other people.”

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