Why didn’t anyone tell me how great The Island Spot is! New Oak Cliff location Open Now

If you live in the Carrolton area you’ve probably been keeping a secret from your friends in Dallas, and I’m here to tell you something  YOU’RE A JERK! And not the delicious chicken kind!

Yes, I’m talking to you!  If you knew how amazing the Island Spot was and didn’t tell me about it, don’t let me find out because we will fight!

ok Phew, I’ve calmed down enough to tell the Lovely Readers about an amazing restaurant I got to try last week in sunny Oak Cliff; The Island Spot. While I was not lucky enough to have been born on the islands I do have a long-standing love affair with Caribbean food thanks to the culture surrounding Midwestern State university my Alma Mata, it was there that I first tried Oxtails and absolutely fell in love. I’ve sampled several varieties of Jamaican staples such as Jerk Chicken,   the north texas area but I ca most definitely say that The Island spot offers Caribbean food in a fun accessible way that won’t  overwhelm beginners with perfectly seasoned flavors that will feel authentic.  The owners of the restaurant presented each dish with our meal and made a point of mentioning which dishes came from his own mother “Mama Joyce” Everything has her signature on it so you feel like you’re visiting someone’s home not just a place that sells food.

Aesthetically The island spot is very pleasing with high ceilings and an industrial meets island style decoration scheme the buildings gray and walls are accented by pops of chartreuse and marigold and turquoise and the outdoor patio feels perfect for brunch and  the bar  feels like the perfect spot for a quick bite before seeing a movie at the famed Texas Theater. on top being in a cool hood TIS might be one of the only spaces with a few free parking spots so if you get lucky it makes your trip even better.

It’s really hard to nail down my favorite things I tried at the Island spot for two reasons 1.) there were so many awesome things we got to try in particular the Jerk Shrimp and Grits was an awesome twist on a classic brunch favorite along with the chicken and waffles made with mango chutney and the oxtails were both perfectly seasoned and portioned the jerk chicken , The island Coconut shrimp and the desserts especially the Caramelized rum bread pudding were definitely noteworthy  so much so that  could see myself trying it all again so that makes it almost impossible to just pick one! and finally reason 2.) The drinks especially the mango mint cocktail were satisfyingly strong, like thank God I called an ubber strong so my memory is a little fuzzy! But I definitely left full happy and ready to make brunch plans with my girls!


Check out The Island Spot and Tell us about your experience in our comments