Tickle Your Taste Buds at the YO Ranch Steakhouse!


The Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse:  Voted Best Steakhouse in Dallas!

702 Ross Avenue Dallas in the West End

By Tessie Painter

All of my senses had something to taste from the moment I walked in the door of the YO Ranch Steakhouse.  The chandeliers, handcrafted from antlers from the YO Ranch in South Texas and the custom-made hard wood chairs give the uniquely elegant comfort and feel of a true Texas ranch steakhouse.  From the main dining to the large event and party room, the walls tell the history of the YO Ranch, and Texas.  Photographs depict the victory of the Charlie Schreiner family in saving the Long Horns from extinction; and the fame of Charlie IV as the recognizable Dewars Cowboy.   I could see and feel the history, smell the flavors, and hear the unique sounds of people relaxing and rewarding themselves… complete satisfaction.  That is a vibe… an energy that you can sense and not fully describe.  We all know it.  It welcomes us; and makes us want more of it.

And that was before the first bite!  As I sat in the sturdy and elegant ranch dining chair at a table overlooking Market Street’s walkway and the YO patio, I inhaled anticipation and exhaled all the stress of my day, resting my hands on the soft linen table cloth, gazing at the amazing menu.  For me there is only one choice.  I love to look at everything; but I have to have THE STEAK!  Not just any steak… there is only the one The Food Network calls “one of the Best Steaks in America”; the one that melts in my mouth as the flavors glide over my palate, causing a sensation of happiness that radiates down to my toes… the buffalo filet.  There is nothing quite like it.  Restaurateur, Tony Street, created a flavor combination between the seasoning and the preparation that I have yet to experience duplicated anywhere; and I am a steak aficionado!

Appetizer first!  The succulent quail medallions came to me the perfect temperature, with a low sizzle and served over cheesy grits…exquisite culinary comfort.  The flavor of the cheese and quail penetrating the textures of the grits and poultry bring full meaning to the word appetizer.  It was so amazing; I could have double my order and made it my meal.  Well… I might have if I weren’t anticipating the delivery to me of my favorite taste!  With a flavor and presentation consistency on which I can always depend, my buffalo filet came to me,  like the specially prepared feast most fitting for a queen that I know it to be!  And then there was silence… as I partook of my steak, one morsel at a time; enjoying the juices flowing through my mouth, and sending happiness signals throughout my body.   Having landed in foodie heaven, as I finished my very last bite, I was reminded that a delicious meal is best followed with a light and sweet dessert.  Yes.  The Jack Daniel’s Pecan Pie, the Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake, the YO Apple Tart, and the Chocolate Cake and Ice Cream are sublime.  The Crème Carmel Custard, served with Strawberries and Cream won my vote that evening.   It is a sweet and medium to light palate sensation… not too heavy… and present enough to offer assurance you have eaten dessert… perhaps the lightest dessert on the menu…  It is one of those desserts that makes you wish you could eat 3!!!  And you might if you weren’t so full and satisfied by incredible meal that preceded!

This is why the YO Ranch was officially voted THE BEST STEAKHOUSE IN DALLAS!

Go to yoranchsteakhouse.com or call 214-744-3287; and make your reservation for your delectable multi-sensory indulgence , today!