Yuna Lights Up The Kessler Theater

Dallas, Texas June 23, 2014


I am always happy when I get a chance to see newer artists live for the first time.  On Monday, that artist was Yuna and similarly, it was her first time performing in Dallas.  Yuna brought her unique rhythmic singer-songwriter style to everyone in the cozy Kessler Theater (where every view is excellent).


Alternating between her debut album, Yuna and her new album Nocturnal, our ears were treated to a mixture of several textures in sound & a variety of stories.  From songs with deep house elements like “Escape” and “Live Your Life”, to an alternative style of R&B like “Lullabies”, to the rhythmic worldbeat sounds of “Rescue” she performed a myriad of styles. To create the sounds guitar, bass, and drums were intermixed with a drum machine and electronic sounds.

Those sounds wouldn’t be complete without Yuna’s wonderful voice.  She sounds exactly the same live as on her album.  Yuna also displayed other talents, playing “Decorate” solo, on electric guitar and the ukulele on “Come Back”.


Yuna had the whole crowd singing along to favorites and getting up and dancing to her songs.  After the performance, Yuna stayed to meet everyone which was really nice.  I am so glad she decided to do this tour and I look forward to seeing her live again soon.  Hearing the indie styles of Moonrise Nation, who opened for Yuna, was also a treat.  Dallas was one of the earlier stops on the tour so if you happen to be somewhere else, check Yuna out, you won’t be disappointed.


Written and Photographed by Mia


Watch Yuna Perform “Come Back” Click Here

Watch Yuna Perform “Lullabies” Click Here

Watch Yuna Perform “Lights and Camera” Click Here



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